May 30, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Popular social media influencer Ilondo Nawe “Coco Emilia” is currently trending as rumours her divorce with Congolese billionaire Francis Mvemba amplify. She has dropped her husband’s name “Mvemba” from all social media accounts and restored her name Coco Emilia “Biscuit De Mer”.

She has also deleted all their wedding photos. Coco Emilia has been subjected to virulent trolling on social media since she got married in April 2021. Rumours started circulating of her divorce in October but her husband debunked saying “She’s a Mvemba For Life”. Coco Emilia later said her husband has restricted her from exchanging words with people who are bitter, lack self-confidence and failed in life. It’s quite controversial to see her dropping her husband’s name. The divorce speculations may be true, but it can equally be another ploy just to create a buzz. We wait to get the truth from the horse’s mouth.