June 24, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

GOSPEL MUSICAL 2010: Winners unveiled !!!

The Top 5 to make the GOSPEL MUSICAL band 2010 have been unveiled as follows;

Esther, Nene, Leadman,Shalom, and Phil.

The winners received  a stunning deal of 46.000.000 CFA frs donated by DRIMP Foundation.

Sharlene, Chouags and Alo-X are 3 additional candidates to join the band due to special consideration.

Philemon won the prize for the most well behaved candidate while Joan Brown won a prize for the most motherly candidate.

The finals was broadcast  live on Crtv today Sunday 21st from 3 :30 pm .

Enjoy the theme song performed during the 3rd episode by all 20 candidates . The song was composed by Achalle, Terence Nkenyui ,Kenny Great and Steveslil and produced by Emile Ngumbah at DRIMP Multimedia.