April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

GOSPEL MUSICAL 2010: TOP 5 to be unveiled on Sunday, 21st

The maiden edition of Gospel Musical 2010 shall be getting to the decisive  final episode on Sunday 21st . 10 contestants are still vying to feature in the TOP 5 .They include Leadsman,Shalom,Nene,Esther,Phil,Moply,Sharlene,Joan Brown,Alo-X and Chouags.
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Worthy of note, Mimi, Rozy Queen,Viligo,and Natty Bling were evicted last week from the competition.
16-year-old Mimi who performed ‘Teli Ma Zen’ by Odile Ngaska and 15-year-old Viligo who performed ‘You raise me up’ were outstanding but evicted in order to  focus on their academics.They however merited to be in the competition .By virtue of Mimi’s good and exemplary conduct in the house , she  received a cheque  of 100,000 frs CFA and a DVD player donated by DRIMP Foundation, and 30,000 frs donated by Kamthe Hotel. Viligo earned a 2 years academic scholarship .
Catch  the Grande finale Live on CRTV Sunday, 21st at 6:00 pm prompt
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