December 3, 2023

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BUSHFALLING: A recurrent cause of Love relationship break-ups.

 ''Bushfalling'' has been a recurrent cause of love relationship break ups in Cameroon. To my own conviction, love is a phenomenon that deserves to be spiced with sterling aspects like trustworthiness,utter commitment, proper communication and  fidelity. These qualities are often breached once your boyfriend or girlfriend travels abroad. It is evident that most ''bushfallers'' find a comfort zone cheating on the partners they leave back home. Can distance be a focal cause ?

Some develop the desire to be independent,  get attracted to another person or some in a bid to get ''permanent stay'' abroad breach trust .Other reasons abound. 


My close friend and University classmate Effundem recounted  a story of how she broke up with her boyfriend Njie a year after he ''fell bush''. She says her boyfriend traveled to Poland in December 2010 for greener pasture after promising her marriage . Njie stayed in contact with her for about a year during which he constantly sent her to ''Western Union'' .You wise ! . She remained faithful during these period. This relationship got into wrecks when Njie informed his girlfriend that his visa had expired and he needed to marry a  ''sara chap'' and impregnate her to acquire ''docky''. Their relationship deteriorated from phone call. Njie glaringly explained this to Effundem saying it will be for their betterment if he gets a permanent stay in Poland. Now, Effundem's problem is that Njie is going to have sex with that woman, have a child out wedlock and this will definitely bring their marriage promise in ruins. Njie ended up marrying the Polish lady while Effundem immediately replaced Njie. Bushfalling just caused their separation. What do you think ?