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Music veteran Lapiro de Mbanga a.k.a Ndinga Man has returned to the music scene with a brand new musical package. The album is entititled ‘Demissionez”. True to his style, it is a colourful combination that will have his fans smiling. This is his first musical endeavour since his bumpy ride with the law ended in 2o11. In one of the tracks, Lapiro teams up with Valsero. This album is a testament to Lapiro’s creativity and resilience both as an artist and a person.

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The Cameroonian hip- hop movement is driven by a diverse bunch although they all have one destination:the top. In this lot, one finds a group of rappers who stand out by virtue of the revolutionary nature of their ryhmes. For them, rap is not only a mode of expression. It also an outlet for releasing pent-up frustrations and rage. Last week we did feature one of such artists here in the person of Xzafrane. Permit us present another rapper in this category: Masta Ben. His fiery lyrics and intense performance have earned him a place  alongside revolutionary rap godfather“General” Valsero. The  Yaounde-based rapper  who has been on the Cameroonian hip-hop scene for a while now recently announced the release of his album for this year. Below is one of his releases ” Ils veulent” in which he accuses some people of wanting youths to slip into delinquency. I think even the guy is conscious of his hostile tone since he punctuates his rapping with this reminder “this is no call for violence”. Just get the rage and intensity in the guy’s voice and performance. If not for the monotony of his refrain”Ils veulent” and poor video quality, it’s a pretty song with a nice up-tempo beat and message if you’re a believer in rap for change. We hope to bring you an interview with this guy. For more on him visit /

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The Cameroonian music scene is as eclectic as it is diverse. Artists are choosing radically different  directions in which to steer their music. One artist who has chosen to go down the socially-engaged road is Xzafrane. The young rapper has just released a video entitled “le langage des armes” in which he lashes out at the neocolonialism, impotence, misery and oppression that characterise the African reality. He is joined by the “Godfather” of revolutionary Cameroonian rap Valsero who brings his intensity and reputation to the track . Lovers of rap as a tool to fight injustice will surely enjoy this one but the fun and bling-loving rap fans   will be unhappy. It is a good song but the dark ,philosophical and apocalypse-predicting refrain will be a turn-off for most. Listen and watch for yourselves.

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 “Lettre au président” star Valsero is now writing an open letter to anybody who can release him. If recent media reports quoting persons close to the artist are right, the “Général” as he likes to be called was arrested  as he led a peaceful solidarity march  for a yound lady called Vanessa whose child was stolen from a hospital in Yaounde. While we all must take this info with huge helpings  of salt and not just a pinch, one can imagine such a scenario given the activist dispensation of the guy. If he’s really been caught  we music lovers can only wonder why some musicians can’t stick to what we love them for: music.

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According to information relayed to us from mboablog, the author of  “Lettre au president” VALSERO was  victim of a car crash on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at  Kokoue, a village located 12 km from Edea. Valséro was returning  from Kribi where he went to promote his latest album “Autopsie d’un etat mort” which was released on July 31st.

According Ebelle Sylva, executive producer and manager of the artist,  the vehicle in which Valsero was the sole occupant, was pushed into a narrow valley by a speedy 4×4 truck .

The state of his car, a Toyota Camry, testifies the gravity of the accident but fortunately, the artist sustained a few bruises and a sprained arm. NexDim wishes him a quick and safe recovery.

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The bravest Cameroonian  rapper , Valsero,  best known for his ”letter to the president”  has dropped his sophomore album dubbed ”Autopsie d’un Etat mort”

It is one of those albums whose scope extends beyond the lyrics  . It’s quite deep and intense! . Conveying  a messages of change of the prevailing situations around the world .
The new album depicts the  evils afflicting our contemporary society especially about the plight of the youths and injustices inherent in the World and Cameroon particularly.
This album will definitely crack the buildings of the dictatorship wherever it is installed in the world.


Hold Up by Valsero

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Various means are used by Cameroonians to express their discontent about the state of affairs in the country of the Indomitable Lions: Valsero on his part, chose music.
In his album “Politikement instable” , the rapper whose real names are Abe Gaston Philippe talks about the problems that plague Cameroon: ”Ce pays tue les jeunes’  (This country kills young people)” Lettre au president  (Letter to the President, ”Mon Pays” (My Country) , ”La vie est dur’ (Life is hard) .

Valsero is different and stands out: his criticism was constructive and a truthful attack of what he sees as the evils of Cameroon.
In  “Letter to the President” , far from falling into  rudeness, Valsero almost affectionately addresses  Paul Biya, whom he calls ” Presi “:
The riots of February, the unemployment rate, embezzlement, the coexistence of poverty and ostentatious luxury, the mass exodus to the West …are challenges our Country is facing.
Valsero, the seventh of a family of 12 children are educated, a graduate of the ENS  Yaounde, father of a little girl, Valsero never managed to acquire a job in his field and ended up on the airwaves as a presenter: Magic FM Radio and Satellite Siantou FM where he presents musical programs.
Valsero had created a group (Ultimatum) he abandoned in 1997.
Still on the momentum of conscientising, Valsero joined in a Junior Foundation Board in 2007 to educate young people to vote and to write the song “Va voter” which was financed by a Canadian association and started a caravan throughout Cameroon.
A year later, Valsero returned to the studio and produced his album with 9 tracks: “Politikement unstable” . It also contains “Repond”, a second letter to Paul Biya, the former having had no response from the  latter.
The album  experienced some success, as Valsero received an award in 2009 and the Canal d’Or for best rap artist.
repond par VALSERO

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