July 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Introducing- Masta Ben a.k.a Black Soldier

The Cameroonian hip- hop movement is driven by a diverse bunch although they all have one destination:the top. In this lot, one finds a group of rappers who stand out by virtue of the revolutionary nature of their ryhmes. For them, rap is not only a mode of expression. It also an outlet for releasing pent-up frustrations and rage. Last week we did feature one of such artists here in the person of Xzafrane. Permit us present another rapper in this category: Masta Ben. His fiery lyrics and intense performance have earned him a place  alongside revolutionary rap godfather“General” Valsero. The  Yaounde-based rapper  who has been on the Cameroonian hip-hop scene for a while now recently announced the release of his album for this year. Below is one of his releases ” Ils veulent” in which he accuses some people of wanting youths to slip into delinquency. I think even the guy is conscious of his hostile tone since he punctuates his rapping with this reminder “this is no call for violence”. Just get the rage and intensity in the guy’s voice and performance. If not for the monotony of his refrain”Ils veulent” and poor video quality, it’s a pretty song with a nice up-tempo beat and message if you’re a believer in rap for change. We hope to bring you an interview with this guy. For more on him visit /masta-ben.skyrock.com/profil.