June 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Xzafrane: Teams with Valsero for “Le langage des armes” track

The Cameroonian music scene is as eclectic as it is diverse. Artists are choosing radically different  directions in which to steer their music. One artist who has chosen to go down the socially-engaged road is Xzafrane. The young rapper has just released a video entitled “le langage des armes” in which he lashes out at the neocolonialism, impotence, misery and oppression that characterise the African reality. He is joined by the “Godfather” of revolutionary Cameroonian rap Valsero who brings his intensity and reputation to the track . Lovers of rap as a tool to fight injustice will surely enjoy this one but the fun and bling-loving rap fans   will be unhappy. It is a good song but the dark ,philosophical and apocalypse-predicting refrain will be a turn-off for most. Listen and watch for yourselves.