March 4, 2024

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Various means are used by Cameroonians to express their discontent about the state of affairs in the country of the Indomitable Lions: Valsero on his part, chose music.
In his album “Politikement instable” , the rapper whose real names are Abe Gaston Philippe talks about the problems that plague Cameroon: ”Ce pays tue les jeunes’  (This country kills young people)” Lettre au president  (Letter to the President, ”Mon Pays” (My Country) , ”La vie est dur’ (Life is hard) .

Valsero is different and stands out: his criticism was constructive and a truthful attack of what he sees as the evils of Cameroon.
In  “Letter to the President” , far from falling into  rudeness, Valsero almost affectionately addresses  Paul Biya, whom he calls ” Presi “:
The riots of February, the unemployment rate, embezzlement, the coexistence of poverty and ostentatious luxury, the mass exodus to the West …are challenges our Country is facing.
Valsero, the seventh of a family of 12 children are educated, a graduate of the ENS  Yaounde, father of a little girl, Valsero never managed to acquire a job in his field and ended up on the airwaves as a presenter: Magic FM Radio and Satellite Siantou FM where he presents musical programs.
Valsero had created a group (Ultimatum) he abandoned in 1997.
Still on the momentum of conscientising, Valsero joined in a Junior Foundation Board in 2007 to educate young people to vote and to write the song “Va voter” which was financed by a Canadian association and started a caravan throughout Cameroon.
A year later, Valsero returned to the studio and produced his album with 9 tracks: “Politikement unstable” . It also contains “Repond”, a second letter to Paul Biya, the former having had no response from the  latter.
The album  experienced some success, as Valsero received an award in 2009 and the Canal d’Or for best rap artist.
repond par VALSERO