July 12, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


BLAXITY, is a  dream come true for Tony Nobody. Established in 2003 ,The BLAXITY project was to create a “village” of young talents  in order to give them a means of artistic expression and cultural development while reducing the mass idleness amongst youths.
Tony Nobody is one of the biggest urban cultural promoters in Cameroon  with his  show,  ”MBOA” aired on CANAL 2 International every Wednesdays at 4pm and rebroadcast on Saturdays at 4pm.
BLAXITY now  well accustomed to the promotion of this art, has established itself through its activities mainly on the production of radio programs: ”Bled City” for the radio NOSTALGIE in 2004 and TV: ”Mboa” since 2006 and Canal Vacances both broadcast on Canal 2 Television International.
We can also talk of other works in their portfolio like  the Fiesta Live Ultime in 2004, Noyau Dur ‘s  concerts in December 2004, Diam‘s  in Yaounde and Sean Paul in 2008.
BLAXITY also organized  the first, second, third and fourth anniversary of  Mboa; 1st, 2nd and 3rd MBOA HIP HOP AWARDS, 1st, 2nd Sprite Hip Hop Festival, and soon  they shall be  speaking  of the publication of a magazine “Bled Mag.
Its young and dynamic team led by Jacky Ata, assisted by Tony Nobody who is the principal asset and the hub, work without stopping the growth and development of  Mboa Hip Hop,  a task that is not  easy giving the financial difficulties BLAXITY is facing since it has no shareholders to support its actions. It is  therefore supported by the enthusiasm of its members.
”La cite de l’art” (Blaxity) is mobilizing the  preparation for the release of  Tony Nobody’s new album.
This album features X Maleya and other big names in the Hip Hop industry in Cameroon.