April 25, 2024

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NexDim takes you into the world of this fascinating Cameroonian beauty with a stunning profile. She tells us about her career, experiences and challenges.

Brief introduction

”I am Audrey Beyala , the African Pearl, born under the Equatorial sun of Cameroon.  1m 80 in  height and 60kg, weight.”

About  her journey to becoming a model.

”I entered the world of glitz and glitter, while in Abidjan, West Africa,the  capital of African fashion. My aunt, an intern with PATHEO introduced me to his friend, a  promoter of cultural events. This enabled me to participate in my first parade,which was my first wonderful experience.Back in Cameroon a few years later, after my Baccalaureate, I first participated in the election of   “MISS CAMEROON.” The attempt was a success. Indeed, out of sixty applicants, fourteen were initially elected, 4 for the finals and at the end  I am elected  ”3ieme Dauphine”,  of  “Miss CAMEROON . Then began a series of  interviews TV, radio, press, educational Talks in schools, Social talks for the poor,  HIV / Aids positive patients, giving Gifts, distributing condoms, and educational materials. Highly publicized, after my term, I was solicited by modeling agencies. I decided to venture into Freelance. Fortunately, in my career, I have met wonderful people who have assisted me  in my work: A lawyer named Nwame Belinga Jacques, the technical team of  magazine Networks  and an Adviser / Consultant / Agent by name Menthong Gerard.

Since then more  parades came:

-Afric Collection 4th, 5th, 6th edition
-Fashion Designers parade
PATYRAJ (A Collection of Rajesh and Patricia) A fusion between India and Africa
JOHN Black and White Collection (Cameroon)
MODELA‘s Collection (Nigeria)
KWESI-NTI‘s Collection (Ghana)
Annette‘s Collection  (Cameroon)
CHRYSTALIX Collection (Cameroon)
Terranga Couture (Guinea Conakry)
Collection IMANE AYISSI ( Tribute to Katoucha, Cameroon)
Collection JOSE ESSAM (DRC)
Alphadi and  Sahel Clothing (from the Niger)
Young Designers contests and exhibitions;
-A participation in the Contest for Young Designers:
-Ecole ESDM  (Ecole supérieure du design de mode), Cameroon
-Ecole JEMAN (Cameroon)
-Alex WAMBA (Cameroon)
-JOELLE Choupa (Cameroon)
-GUY ENANGA (Cameroon)

* Artists’ props:
-Papa Gueye (Senegal)
Some hair dressers’ Show
-A participation in  ”Spectacle de coiffure”;
-Maitre AYI, the owner of  DIMENSION ART which aims to revolutionize the art of hairdressing in Cameroon.
– A participation in  Hairdressing contest, ”Concour de coiffure”
– I also worked with El Jackson.
– The promotion of perfumes and women’s T-shirt , “FIMA 2009 ” by the fashion designer “Alphadi”
– Participation in International Exhibition  “PROMOTE” 2008 ” under the colors of  MTN and the association ” FAMOUS ART based in Orleans, France. I am a member and representative in Yaounde.
“COULEURS ET TOILES” by Nicolas Bissek
– The promotion of the new mobile option in Cameroon: MTN-TRACE MOBILE
-Participation in the inauguration of the Palais Omnisport Oyem (Gabon) by the former Interim President by Gabon.
– Participation in a charitable fashion show ”EFFOFES D’AFRIQUE” organized by “Famous ART” , Gabon.
-Participation in the contest under the leadership of hairdresser and  barber,  El Jackson, held in N’Djamena in Chad.
These experiences  on the National and International scene, rich in  human relations have  kept me close to my passion , fashion.
It  helped me develop more confidence in the catwalk , showing  more professionalism while enriching my contacts: Professional contacts  (promoters, managers, media men …) and Friends (models, Men of the media, some developers).
”As a rising star in modeling, I put forward the beauty of African women.As Black4u Beauty, I am encouraged and welcomed in my journey through the media that show interest in the values that I advocate.

Among those with whom I had to work  with ( television interviews included), I would cite:
Tina Blanche, President of the association, “FAMOUS ART” and promoter of cultural events
Ayden, presenter of the show “Planete Mode” on 3A Telesud
Sasha- BBC News
Nobody Tony -presenter of the show, “MBOA” on Canal 2 International
Bobby of  Ariane-TV
Valery TITO presenter on STV 2
Prince Kestam, Samba TV
My publications in national magazines: Nyanga, Le Messager, Mutation,  Cameroon-Plus. International magazines: Amina, Brune, Miss Ebene, Just Class, Femme d’Afrique
Internet media: cameroon-plus.com ,Black4u.netnexdimempire.com to name but a few. They have always encouraged me in my work and my passion.

Modeling is still a taboo and stigmatized; Regarded as a medium for beautiful girls with empty heads. This is mostly because some take advantage of the naivety of  girls who have a passion for fashion and modeling. They drag them into a point where they can no longer cope. I received proposals from these unscrupulous people in my career where I have nearly entered into contracts that would have cost me damage. Fortunately, being more informed and guided by a great team, those are the obstacles I managed to avoid and which can be avoided.
The most important thing is to keep in mind the objectives set from the  unset; to believe in your passion and dreams. Dare not say things are going wrong or it does not suits you; Know how to earn respect as an African woman and keep your dignity in all circumstances.
Upcoming Events

The adventure continues. Dates of  cultural events have been programmed for  Europe, and America: Fashion Weeks, ”Egerie de grandes marques” , advertising, spots and posters, magazine covers, I will go as far as fashion will take me!.