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The Cameroon music ecosystem has gradually become incredibly bankable. Artists now generate a great income flow from digital sales, licensing, live performances, endorsements and merchandising.
However, artists should prioritize creating multiple streams of income
in order not to fall prey of moving from riches to rags . Be smart.
Apparently, the artists that will survive financially when their careers are on the downswing are those that invested in diverse income generating activities.
When some artists start basking in fame, hugely solicited for shows and enjoy the spotlight , they indulge in a lavish , extravagant lifestyle and impulsive spending which creates a deep dent in their finances.
The first bankruptcy I ever learned about as a child was that of MC Hammer, who burned through millions in the wake of the success of “U Can’t Touch This”. Sure, it was a catchy pop hit and the video’s harem trousers were a look, but that wasn’t enough to fund MC Hammer’s rumoured 90-person entourage, $20m mansion (£19m in current terms) and tax payments. In 1996, he owed more than $13m (£12.6m today), while owning about $9m (£8.7m today) in assets.
TLC that sold platinum in the 90’s , 7 times grammy award winner and In da club billboard chart topper 50 cent filed for bankruptcy.
A myriad of makossa artists who saturated the national media outlet crtv and tele podium in the 90s are now languishing in the mire of poverty and destitution after their careers waned.
Our present day celebs are cashing in from their tours and endorsements but trust me if care isn’t taken, they might end up asylum seekers abroad , end up getting married to “oyibo” women , or look for odd jobs to sustain their lives. That’s exactly what’s happening with many makossa artists who made chart-topping hits when the genre was en vogue.
It’s quite apparent that there shall be a time when you will no longer make hits , that moment you feel the gods of hits are against you. You shall see the money you made dwindle to bankruptcy and you get back to zero . Getting bankrupt is a pitfall in an artist’s life. Create multiple streams of income.
The Cameroon music industry hasn’t a well established copyright structure where artists can amass huge profit from royalties even when they ain’t making hits. The defunct SOCAM to present day OGC created in 2017, have shown no salient results .
In Nigeria, the copyright society COSON ensures artists reap their royalties .
Alpha Better Records can be lauded for being on the right path.
The record label is bossed by a business-oriented person Salatiel . He has created multiple streams of cash flow that will guarantee the sustainability of his career in the long run. Alpha Better recording studio is great asset.
Mr Leo has established a profitable bar/restaurant business in Buea and other assets that give him absolute financial equilibrium aside his music hustle.
In a Cameroon where the copyright system is marred, be smart and acquire invest your money .


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Makossa Artwork

Wax Dey has released both the audio and the video of his new single, Makossa. The new song which is a career defining hit for Wax was complemented by a top notch video with great cameo appearances including D’Banj. You will recall that Wax’s last single, Forever featuring Omawumi was released by D’Banj’s DB Records and Lolhiphop.
Makossa is a definite club banger and Wax Dey has described it as an ‘underrated genre’ that has contributed immensely to urban music of today all over the world. The music video was shot as part of his Reality TV Show concept, ‘Number One Girl’. The show searches for Cameroonian girls with star power and gives them a platform to express their talents while entertaining the public as they live together and compete against each other. The video will also serve as part of the promotion of the second season of his primetime television show which will start airing next month in Cameroon.
The Cameroonian singer and activist who was named as one of Africa’s Top 35 people under 35 in 2014 by Young People in international Affairs (YPIA) due to his creativity and ingenuity recently received in Lagos the AFRIMA Best Collaboration in Africa award plaque for Cocoa Na Chocolate on behalf of ONE, the executive producer of the song and all the artistes that featured in the song including Wax.
In 2014, Wax Dey also became the first Cameroonian to appear and perform in the Big Brother Africa house when he visited the Hotshots finalists for an electrifying dinner performance on the eve of the finals.

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NEWS: Papillon promises to strip naked

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Marechal Papillon was very categorical on a prime time TV show on Equinox TV today Sunday 28th December when he said he’ll strip himself naked and make a march to the governor’s office if the problem of the association of authors rights is not resolved by the minister of culture Ama Tutu Muna. He stated strongly that there must be someone to sacrifice like Mandela before a change is effected and he’ll take the bold step.

In order for the putrid cultural system to be purified, he has to take the risk, regardless of imprisonment.

He decried the fact that after 25 years of his career and experience, he has been very disappointed with the misappropriation of funds and shameful management of the cultural sector in Cameroon. He cited the fact that the minister spent 300 million to buy a car podium which has been abandoned at the ministry’s premises , money which could be invested in the construction of a befitting concert hall in Cameroon. The distribution of  guitars to musicians to Papillon  was very unnecessary. All these manoeuvres he says is to justify the use of funds.
” Le ministère de la culture a acheté un matériel de musique à 2 milliards…”Cessez de distraire les fonds des Camerounais” dit Papillon…
He was very vocal about the issue of piracy which the ministry is making no efforts to check. A quintessence is Senegal where piracy was curbed by Yousou Ndour by instituting an organised structure in charge of distributing CDs upon release.
He blamed the poor management and lackluster attitude of the ministry of culture for being responsible for the infiltration of foreign music in Cameroon and the payment of huge sums of money to foreign artists invited to perform in Cameroon by telephony companies. The ministry of culture has vehemently failed to sensitize Cameroonians about the necessity of being patriotic and valuing their culture. The ace Makossa musician calls for experts to be appointed to run such ministerial positions.
He called some Cameroonian artists maggots and unprofessional -“Artistes asticots”.


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petit pays

According to reports relayed from “Pidgin News” on Equinox TV, Petit Pays’ hard-earned 1 million francs CFA was stolen from his house during the weekend. The Makossa superstar informed the police who immediately arrested and detained the suspect who had less than 100,000 frs in his keeping. Petit Pays ranted bitterly on TV saying he learned of his stolen money from an informant in India. How can someone in India inform him about money stolen in Douala ?  . He might just be creating controversy as usual. He however has every reason to be embittered as the money is a result of his hard work. And let’s not forget he’s presently investing on his mansion in Kribi. Turbo ne blague pas avec son argent.

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NEXZIK : Wax Dey – Makossa

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Johannesburg, South Africa  –  Cameroonian singer and activist, Wax Dey has officially released a new single, ‘Makossa’, to highlight the influence of this underrated genre in today’s international pop culture, and to call attention to the rise of a new breed of Cameroonian musicians. One of the defining moments of global music has to be the 1972 release of Manu Dibango’s Billboard Hot 100 song, ‘Soul Makossa’ that has been credited with the creation of the international ‘DISCO’ sound.

But Makossa as a genre, characterized by catchy brass sections and bouncy bass riffs that created some of Cameroon’s biggest international stars, has struggled to keep its place in the Cameroonian urban scene. Nonetheless, its impact is still best felt through its contribution to the new African pop sound.

In 2010, Shakira released ‘WakaWaka’, an adaptation of the 1983 Cameroonian classic ‘Zangalewa’ that partly has its roots in this genre. This came at a period when  ‘Naija’ or  Nigerian afrobeats is enjoying a wave of success across the world. It is also undeniable that Makossa has had a deep influence in transforming the ‘Afrobeat’ of Fela Kuti to the ‘Afrobeats’ sounds that have propelled Nigerian artists like Flavour and Iyanya to international superstardom.

At the same time, a wave of Cameroonian musicians mostly from the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, to whom the world had been quite oblivious, has awoken with a new afropop sound that is impossible to ignore. They have also borrowed from Makossa, blending French phrases and their own pidgin Creole that is similar to Nigerian pidgin English.

Thanks to this, Cameroon is witnessing the creation of a brand new, lively urban musical scene that is rich in texture and variety. And the rise of these artists signals a rise in social consciousness of a youth that have for decades been deemed as voiceless – but who are stepping into the limelight with the assurance that their place in the social and cultural fabric of Cameroon, and Africa, can no longer be usurped.

Johannesburg, South Africa (30 October 2014) –  Cameroonian singer and activist, Wax Dey has officially released a new single, ‘Makossa’, to highlight the influence of this underrated genre in today’s international pop culture, and to call attention to the rise of a new breed of Cameroonian musicians. One of the defining moments of global music has to be the 1972 release of Manu Dibango’s Billboard Hot 100 song, ‘Soul Makossa’, that has been credited with the creation of the international ‘DISCO’ sound.

Enjoy and share Makossa!

The song is available for free download at: makossa

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IMG-20130201-00191After exploring the world of rap, afro pop and hip hop, Denzyl has finally decided to take his Country’s long consumed music, #Makossa to an international level. Denzyl’s latest joint, #Monika isn’t only buzzing within Cameroon but his brilliant component of #Makossapopfusion is what the RedEye Entertainment is sending out for a global appeal with the track.

Denzyl stands for #Originality in his music and his personality. As a matter of fact, some #Makossa old school long serving artists like Petit Pays, Prince Didi Eyango and also X-Maleya also believe the young man is taking steps towards the right direction.

“His music is not bad at all. X-Maleya supports young talents who show interest and dedication to their arts and Denzyl’s idea to mix makossa and pop is really good and different”….Roger (Lead singer, X-Maleya).

Denzyl is not only changing the idea of music in Cameroon but he is also giving a different feel to Makossa music to both Cameroonians and non-Cameroonians home and abroad. Some Cameroonians in the Diaspora have expressed their appreciation for his exceptional skills via the social networks and look forward to hearing better songs from the young stars the country is grooming nowadays.

“Originality is the key. I can’t come out sounding like a Nigerian or Ghanaian artist when there is a Cameroonian rhythm to be explored. It’s about making others enjoy our own music in the way we present it to them and that has to be different from the rest. Even Late Legendary Michael Jackson in his “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” tried to fuse #Makossa with pop from Cameroon’s own papa, Manu Dibango in his “Soul Makossa” Jam back in 1972 with the ending chant mama-se, mama-sa, mama-ku-sa”..… Denzyl tells D’CODED TV.

The #Monika crooner pays respect to his predecessors and says his inspiration comes from God and all those who have been there before him especially the successful group X-Maleya who is making Cameroon proud internationally at the moment.

Believe it or not peeps, Denzyl is going places. Let’s rally behind him and make our country proud of her products wherever we are. #SupportGoodMusic.

Here is the teaser to Denzyl’s Monika.


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nicoleIn a recent interview granted to a Cameroonian site, makossa singer  Nicole Mara contends that other forms of music are copies of Cameroonian music. Such a declaration is not very strange and joins a long list of other such declarations by other

Cameroonian musicians. This situation begs the question whether the waning popularity of Cameroonian music and musicians hasn”t made these artists feel inferior to their international counterparts from Nigeria or Côte d”Ivoire? Or is just resentment from losing the favour of Cameroonians – who are normally supposed to be their number one fans? These questions arise because when quizzed about the dwindling fortunes of Cameroonian music, many Cameroonian artists make statements like Nicole Mara”s. Be it an inferior complex or resentment, one thing is clear: our artists are not happy with playing second fiddle to international acts. But strange enough, there seem to be doing nothing about it except make hollow declarations like Nicole Mara”s. Most are still trapped in the 70″s when makossa ruled supreme. Wake up people and smell the roses. Even if other music forms get their rise from makossa, our artists should endeavour to be in sync with the sounds of the times which happen not to be makossa. Let me ask again: do Cameroonian artists have an inferiority complex or are they just resentful or ah hah are they just frustrated with the situation?

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Cameroonian superstar Petit Pays will be in North America for

an electrifying Canadian Tour commencing in Edmonton, Alberta, on November 30th, 2012 in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of economic and diplomatic relationships between Canada and the Republic of Cameroon.

Visit for more details on acquisition of tickets and tour dates.

$50/pers Before November 15th, 2012
$60/pers After November 15th, 2012
$65/pers At the Door

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Makossa music owes its origin from the Duala tribe in Cameroon. Delving back in 70’s, Cameroon music was internationally embraced with a myriad of artists like Francis Bebe, Eboa Lottin, Misse Ngoh ,Manu Dibango, Dina Bell, Sam Fan Thomas etc printing indelible marks in the music market.  Excerpts of Manu Dibango’s music have been used by Michael Jackson , Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez to make incredible hits. Makossa witnessed a tremendous downswing with the infiltration of soukous , ndombolo, coupe decale etc in Cameroon in the early 90s. Did Petit Pays and Kotto Bass devalue makossa ? . Cameroonian makossa artists injected a high tempo and adulterated the melody believing it could be more commercial. The rich, and sophisticated genre of music called ''Makossa'' has now been dwindled to a sequence of regular bass patterns and rhythm which takes very little time and energy  to produ

ce. Seasoned and adept Cameroonian makossa producers like Sam Fan Thomas , Edgar Yankeu , Ndedi Eyango and Romeo Dika can testify this .

 A deluge of music fans across the world have been jiving to popular Nigerian songs like ‘E no easy’’ ,’’oyoyo’’ produced by J Martins, ‘’Girl’’, ‘my beautiful baby’’ by Bracket ,’’Kedike’’ by Chidinma, just to name a few which I think are pirate versions of makossa music which originates from Cameroon. Shakira was equally ensnared when she copied from Zangalewa to make an international hit. Nigerian artists have been thriving across the world with this genre of music which sounds like makossa . It now seems 'de rigeur'. ''Kukere'' by Iyanya is just a quintessence .


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Photo: The best of celebrity wedding!!! Gey Lobe a Cameroonian musician who has break records in the past years as one of the outstanding Artist; has decided to finally put a ring on a beautiful fingers, it was amazing as TN-Reporter Timoh in Holland gave the vibes.....TN-Reporter

28th July 2012 remains an unforgettable day for Cameroonian makossa singer Guy Lobe . He has tied the knot with his sweetheart Patience Ondoua . The marriage was legalised at Mairie de Colombe ,Paris followed by a colourful party at Cheval Noir ,Paris. Remember unfounded rumours sparked-off of the death of Guy Lobe in 2010. Maybe because his face  looks ageing.

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