April 12, 2024

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CELEB WEDDING: Guy Lobe and Patience Ondoua tie the knot.

Photo: The best of celebrity wedding!!! Gey Lobe a Cameroonian musician who has break records in the past years as one of the outstanding Artist; has decided to finally put a ring on a beautiful fingers, it was amazing as TN-Reporter Timoh in Holland gave the vibes.....TN-Reporter

28th July 2012 remains an unforgettable day for Cameroonian makossa singer Guy Lobe . He has tied the knot with his sweetheart Patience Ondoua . The marriage was legalised at Mairie de Colombe ,Paris followed by a colourful party at Cheval Noir ,Paris. Remember unfounded rumours sparked-off of the death of Guy Lobe in 2010. Maybe because his face  looks ageing.