July 12, 2024

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Do Cameroonian artists have an inferiority complex?

nicoleIn a recent interview granted to a Cameroonian site, makossa singer  Nicole Mara contends that other forms of music are copies of Cameroonian music. Such a declaration is not very strange and joins a long list of other such declarations by other

Cameroonian musicians. This situation begs the question whether the waning popularity of Cameroonian music and musicians hasn”t made these artists feel inferior to their international counterparts from Nigeria or Côte d”Ivoire? Or is just resentment from losing the favour of Cameroonians – who are normally supposed to be their number one fans? These questions arise because when quizzed about the dwindling fortunes of Cameroonian music, many Cameroonian artists make statements like Nicole Mara”s. Be it an inferior complex or resentment, one thing is clear: our artists are not happy with playing second fiddle to international acts. But strange enough, there seem to be doing nothing about it except make hollow declarations like Nicole Mara”s. Most are still trapped in the 70″s when makossa ruled supreme. Wake up people and smell the roses. Even if other music forms get their rise from makossa, our artists should endeavour to be in sync with the sounds of the times which happen not to be makossa. Let me ask again: do Cameroonian artists have an inferiority complex or are they just resentful or ah hah are they just frustrated with the situation?