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The Top 5 and additional 3 of GOSPEL MUSICAL 2010 Edition ( composing Shalene, Shalom,Phil, Leadsman, Alo-X, Esther, Nene, and Chouags) are currently recording their debut album at DRIMP Multimedia , Yaounde . The band is working with top notch Cameroonian producer, Emile Ngumbah of M1 Studios, Hans Ngafor , Cornel and Kora Awards nominee , Achalle to realize the album.

Watch out for the most thrilling songs in gospel music history !

We shall keep you abreast with the release date and tour dates as soon as information is being relayed.

Picture credit: Penjo Entertainment

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”Penjo had a photoshoot session with ” Making of Gospel Band”  best 8 team including Achalle. I personally selected Nene, Esther and Shalom as my best singers and artists and would be taking them in as Penjo E’s special team. Any model, fashion designer that would be interested to register with Penjo Entertainment should contact us at: for we are creating a modelling agency where we will have our top models for every occassion that’s linked with fashion, modelling, designing, art, etc…”
To view more photos , click on this link

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The Top 5 to make the GOSPEL MUSICAL band 2010 have been unveiled as follows;

Esther, Nene, Leadman,Shalom, and Phil.

The winners received  a stunning deal of 46.000.000 CFA frs donated by DRIMP Foundation.

Sharlene, Chouags and Alo-X are 3 additional candidates to join the band due to special consideration.

Philemon won the prize for the most well behaved candidate while Joan Brown won a prize for the most motherly candidate.

The finals was broadcast  live on Crtv today Sunday 21st from 3 :30 pm .

Enjoy the theme song performed during the 3rd episode by all 20 candidates . The song was composed by Achalle, Terence Nkenyui ,Kenny Great and Steveslil and produced by Emile Ngumbah at DRIMP Multimedia.

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Hey people, the first indigenous gospel music talent search in Cameroon, Gospel Musical 2010 “Making the Gospel Band”  powered by DRIMP Foundation is gradually getting to it”s acme . The second episode was shot at KAMTHE HOTEL , Yaounde yesterday, Sunday thrilled by guest artists ; Stipac and Bright Phase.

It was apparent that most candidates improved on their performances in a bid to convince  judges  Papa T.D Rolland, Odile Ngaska, Uncle T and Salif . Strikingly, all candidates received much love and acclamation from the audience and judges  but there shall be more to prove next week as some candidates will definitely be evicted .

Please log on to The official YOUTUBE Channel for GOSPEL MUSICAL “Making the Gospel Band  online casino promotions AND WATCH ALL performances

Just to let you know that the show will henceforth be broadcast on CRTV ; SATURDAYS  @ 3 : 30 PM

The following contestants are vying for the Top 5. Keep your favorite in the competition by sending a text of their letters to 8068.

  • =L

  • = N

  • = D

  • = S

  • = C

  • = G

  • = H

  • = A

  • = B

  • = E

  • = F

  • = P

  • = K

  • =I

  • =R

  • = M

  • = J

  • = O

  • e = Q

JOIN the official FACEBOOK PAGE of GOSPEL MUSICAL and get latest updates. Your comments shall equally be welcomed.

NexDim report

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Get ready to vote for your favourite candidate from Sunday , 31st after the broadcast on CRTV by SMS to 8068.Vying for the Top 5  to make the Gospel band include Alo-X, Moply, Miriam, Elisha, Esther, Natty Blink, Philemon, Chouags, Rozy, Clarisse, Philipo Sansino,Florence Light, Leonard, Leadsman, Nene, Jenny, Bonnard,Shalom . We shall keep you abreast with all videos the contestants.

Get ready to vote for your favourite candidate from Sunday , 31st after the broadcast on CRTV by SMS to 8068. Vying for the Top 5 position include Alo-X, Moply, Miriam, Elisha, Esther, Natty Blink, Philemon, Chouags, Rozy, Clarisse, Philipo Sansino,Florence Light, Leonard, Leadsman, Nene, Jenny, Bonnard,Shalom . We shall keep you abreast with all videos the contestants.

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Press conference

Finalists sing at press conference

Finalists of the first edition of GOSPEL MUSICAL finally arrived Yaounde on Sunday 17th. Their programme  commenced on Monday , 20th with a press conference at the SOLOMON TANDENG MUNA FOUNDATION. The press conference was moderated by Ernest Kanjo with the panel constituting Papa T.D Rolland, Achalle Denis, Sylva Bright, Stanley Miki each contributing enormously to the fluidity of the project. Remarkable, was the presence of the President of  Cameroon music corporation, SOCAM, Odile Ngaska who lauded the initiative and efforts of the sponsors, DRIMP Foundation and the talent exhibited by the candidates. She also encouraged youths who have indulged into gospel music as their path and made them understand the value and enrichment in singing for God. Pertinent questions were raised by the different pressmen from CRTV , Christ TV, The Post , STV etc . Questions like the origin of the concept,the sponsorship,the sustainability,and committment were recurrent or iterative. All these questions were wittingly answered by the coordinator, Papa T.D Rolland.
The candidates led by Kora awards nominee, Achalle graced the conference with a soul searching song titled  ‘Our help comes from You’.?

After the press conference, the candidates and the entire team had a brief stop at the bakery to get some fast food . Later, they were cruised to CRTV Mballa II for the ‘MONDAY SHOW’ presented by Rose Epie. The performance was quite electrifying and  embraced by the audience.

Candidates performing on Monday Show


Boys living room

Candidates woke up very early today,  5 am . They were introduced to some physical exercises as part of their task coordinated by Uncle T. After breakfast, two very important visits were made to the ostentatious and cossy house inhabited by the 20 candidates. First was the visit of the Vice President of DRIMP foundation, Mrs Nforgwei Delphine with her entourage and later the visit of the president of SOCAM, Odile Ngaska.
The talk they both had with candidates was geared towards uplifting their morals and empowering them to reach out to the world with their voices.

The House

Girls living room

Vocal coach , Achalle conducted the selection of songs to be performed by candidates in the days ahead. Some are not quite satisfied with their choices while others believe they can made it through  regardless of their choices. Get ready to vote for your favourite singer by sms to :


Catch the show LIVE on CRTV , every SUNDAY at 3:00 pm

Follow on Facebook via

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All qualified Candidates for the finals of the first edition of ”MAKING THE GOSPEL’‘ band are expected to arrive the nation’s capital, YAOUNDE , today  the  17th for the kick-off of activities commencing with a press conference on Monday , the 18th of October . It’s worth-noting that some candidates dropped due to some academic and parental reasons.

Five candidates will be  selected from the twenty pre-selected to make the Gospel Band 2010 as the reality show unravels. Broadcast of house behavior, leadership and meeting with Daddy K (CEO of Gospel Musical) shall be broadcast every Friday and four candidates shall be eliminated from the Band each week and will be broadcast every Sunday Live on CRTV. The official broadcast  starts on the 31st of October from 3pm CAT.

Voting shall be done by sms to 8068 starting on  October 23rd , 2010. The team is currently working on the official website to enable people participate all over the world. GET READY !!

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The results of candidates  pre-selected for ” MAKING THE GOSPEL BAND” from the South West, North West , Littoral and Centre regions have been rendered public by DRIMP Foundation. They were able to please the judges with  their vocals and articulation. Candidates are expected to arrive Yaounde by the 19th of October 2010. Get ready for the broadcast of the weekly reality series on CRTV .


-Etuka Magdaliene

-Fonyuy Leonard

-Njang Bate Derrick

-Liro B Sanyi

-Esther Oben

-Ebangha Jeanne


-Mobit Rozy

-Yuniwo Relma Nkapyi

-Zitty Light


-Wittah Florence Ngum


-Achu Joan Ning

-Uduak Veronica

-Clarrisse Nyenti Agbor

-Banga Tchamba Josseline

-Manga Playne Enih

-Beb Ribal Philemon Francis

-Aloysuis Fui Bekaty


-Mebokben Elisha

-Ringnuy Shalom Yebong

-Amah Miriam

-Melloh Opondo Lobe Yves

-Bonnard Tebou

NB: All candidates are required to bring the following basics;

-One bed sheet


-Portable music device for practice like Ipods,Mp3 players,multi media enabled phones etc


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The first phase of auditions for GOSPEL MUSICAL ¨Making the Gospel band¨ ended on Saturday 9th at VMG International, Yaounde  with about 23 candidates auditioned .The acme of this sizzling reality show is quite near. Who shall be among the TOP 5 ?

The technical team is currently gearing up with preparations for the grand finals to begin in the nation’s capital, YAOUNDE on the 23rd of October . A total of 20 candidates preselected from the 4 regions ; South West, North West, Littoral and Centre, 5 representing each region are expected to in Yaounde on the 19th of October 2010. This shall be preceded by Press conferences to take place within the week in all the 4 aforementioned regions.

Candidates  shall definitely be lodged for 1 month in a 3 star hotel  and enjoy a live broadcast of their activities on CRTV every Sundays from 3 pm. Do not therefore miss to vote for your favourite singers.

The list of preselected candidates shall be published on NexDim Empire , as soon as it gets to us. Also get all video updates on

Gospel Musical is powered  by DRIMP Foundation coordinated by Papa T.D Rolland .

Some Yaounde candidates

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While  the list of  20 pre-selected candidates from the 4 regions is about to be rendered public by the committee, the Gospel Musical crew is making tireless efforts to round up preparations for the grand finale to begin in Yaounde from the 23rd of October. Ngafor Hans, Emile Ngumbah, Tembi Cornelius and Salatiel constitute the powerful audio engineering team  currently working to deliver what meets commendable standards. I had the chance to have a brief talk with Ngafor Hans at DRIMP Multi media, Yaounde  who was in a positive spirit while  programming the jingle . Candidates are expected in the nation’s capital by the 19th of October . Stay glued to CRTV for the broadcast.

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