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It all started on December 27th when “Coller la petite” hit-maker Franko took to Facebook to derogate the winners of MTV Africa Music Awards , presumably the greatest achievement for an artist in Africa. The rapper intimated that there is no financial reward accompanied with the trophy. In a seemingly taunting manner, he earlier on dedicated his “Disque D’or” to the MTV Africa Music Awards.  He made use of the Jovi-coined word “Mongshung” to describe the award. 

Jovi’s new hit “Mongshung”is #1 Hip Hop tune on Trace Urban. 

December 28th,  Stanley Enow , the sole Cameroonian winner of the coveted MTV awards took to Facebook and posted Jovi’s latest tune “Mongshung” commending the song as one of his favorite this year 2016.

This post has astonished a myriad of fans and pundits who have known both rappers as foes. 

Jovi and Stanley Enow have had a rugged relationship in the past characterized by vocal jabs in songs and beefs most often dramatized by social media. Worth-noting, Stanley has always shown respect and utter appreciation for Jovi’s music from day one .

Jovi on his part showed Stanley Enow unflinching support when he was nominated for MTV Africa Music Awards , rallying his fans to vote for him. A stir of happiness and show of approval has moved across social media for Stanley’s move. To some, it’s a show of unity , humility and maturity. 

About 30 minutes after historic post , “Ca sort comme ca sort” rapper Maahlox has come into the scene with a baleful and provocative comment referring to Stanley Enow as an “ass-licker” meaning he is just a brown-nose who is trying to flatter Jovi with an intention of gaining something. From the comments on the post, Maahlox seems  to be enraged. I don’t know why. 

He informs Jovi in an idiomatic manner to tell Stanley to be careful because while trying to go down and lick, the crown might fall from his head. Interesting !

This has been the acme of trouble and heated controversy. It’s quite doubtful why Maahlox will throw such a jab at Stanley Enow. Is he creating a vicious cycle.  Check it below; 

There’s substantial amount of evidence of hatred and proof that Franko and Maahlox are teaming up to devalue Stanley Enow and his achievements.  

However,  in every hip hop game there must be “beefs” to instil interest and buzz. Remember Biggy and 2 Pac, Jay-Z & Nas,  Drake & Meek Mill .

Let’s wait for the next move.

We are Nexdim !


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Salatiel 20160904_162344

Salatiel has been consistently dropping solid club bangers . Best known for his hit “Fap kolo”, the producer and singer extraordinaire ain’t sitting on his laurel.

He recently joined forces with “Ca sort comme ca sort” crooner Maahlox Le Vibeur and label mate Myra and the outcome is mouth-watering.  “Bougez la bas” is a heavy dance tune . It comes along with a unique dance move.  The video was directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens. Cameo appearances include Mr Leo and “Eposi” master Blaise B.


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Maahlox is apparently one of Cameroon’s most consistent artists. He is continuing his conquest with a new Afro-trap song produced by I.V.O titled “Tu montes, tu descends”.

The song has been received with much criticism for it’s filthy lyrics. Maahlox took to Facebook to address his critics claiming his themes are based on our day to day lives in Cameroon.

Apparently, the song contains bad language and the video not suitable for viewers below 18.

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Maahlox has been consistent after his explosive breakthrough with “Ca sort comme ca sort”. As a follow up single after his hit song “Tuer pour tuer”, he has dropped a new video dubbed “Ca ne rit pas” , shot in Paris. The song delves into the illegal hustle of some Africans in the diaspora.
Enjoy !

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Maahlox garnered massive success following the release his hit song “Ca sort comme ca sort” produced by I.V.O. Music pundits could perceive similarities with “Coller la petite” by Franko. That however went unnoticed by the public.
His new tune “Tuer pour tuer”, which is already getting tremendous airplay and affection has also being despised for being plagiarized , a breach of intellectual property.
“Tuer pour tuer ” is apparently a  derivative work from ” l’eau par mes narines” by the Ivorian rap group Bop De Narr. Both instrumentals have clear similarities. It’s perceptible that Maahlox copied from Bop de Narr.

Watch “BOP DE NARR   L’eau par mes narines

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Maahlox Le Vibeur got the spotlight after releasing his monster hit “Ca sort comme ca sort”. After returning from Trianon concert, the rapper has dropped another club banger titled “Tuer pour tuer” featuring Phil B.

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The ingenuity to make a hit record immensely requires the input of the producer.
Cameroon’s burgeoning urban music experienced a dramatic change in 2015 with a cream of hit songs produced by Buea-based producers:  Maahlox – Ca sort comme  ca sort” (Prod. by I.V.O) , Mr Leo – On va gerer” (Prod by Salatiel)  X Maleya – Doumba (Prod by Phillbill Beatz)  etc.
There is no gain saying the aforementioned producers massively contributed to make these hits.
Buea-based Trilby (I.V.O) Mbou is an under-rated producer and singer who crafted one of the biggest songs in 2015 ” Ca sort comme ca sort” yet remains unnoticed. He also produced Maahlox’s impending single “Tuer pour tuer”.
The young talented producer and R&B singer has been resilient,  focused and committed chasing his dream.

Listen to his Cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.

In 2011, he knocked severally on the door of Sona The Voice’s label Intercession Records and other labels craving to be signed which turned futile.
Through travail, I.V.O is today a name that deserves respect.

Watch out !

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MAAHLOX “Le Vibeur” renown for his hit song “La biere c’est combien ici” has resurfaced with a street anthem that has been viral in French-speaking Cameroon . “ca sort comme ca sort” is the new club banger on massive rotation .  The video was directed by Napster Kallash. 

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Alexandre Song dans ton Dos

Alexander Song’s bestial act against a Croatian player during the World Cup which got him red-carded and receiving a 3 match ban has inspired Douala-based rapper Maahlox Le Vibeur to drop a new song titled ”Alexandre Song Dans Ton Dos”. Quite amusing ! The song has a creative lyrical content. This comes after ”Choupo Moting ne sort pas” released before the World Cup. The rapper was a guest on Canal 2’s prime-time show ”Jambo” last Sunday where he premiered  the video. The elbow dance was funny. 


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