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Music: Where Koppo at?

Posted In: Hip Hop by Nchanji

Since the release of his hits- embroidered first album “ Je go“, Patrice Mink’o a.k.a Koppo seems to have disappeared from the music scene where we all thought he was going to be a fixture. With hits like “Si tu vois ma go” and “Emma”, he made a triumphant entry into the lamplight. His style, using “francanglais”, and sound made him a favourite with not only youths but also other entertainmenent industry insiders. On the heels of his success, he featured in a movie called “Confidences” and equally hooked up with sultry singer Charlotte Dipanda for a collabo. But as the saying goes to whom much is given even more is expected, reason why we’re wondering where he is. The highly -anticipated  second album is still being anticipated and  Koppo seems to be AWOL musically. What  has happened to the promise and talent? Has all that fizzled or is he like most Cameroonians artists finding it difficult to get a reliable producer. While hoping for a resurrection, let’s enjoy one of his classics “Si tu vois ma go”.


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Bikutsi queen Lady Ponce is decidedly bent on making her musical presence felt this year. She has just released another video “Secouer -Secouer” featuring D.J Manu Killer. This track is from her latest album “La loi du talion” that was released late last year. The close to 6 minutes video was shoot at Safari Club in Yaounde that seems to be the latest IT place for shooting music videos. Lady Ponce has sure been busy. Just last month she released a video, left for Europe, has been announced back in the country for a March 8 concert and now this music video release. This latest video includes a special guest appearance from Koppo who plays a limousine- riding guy who picks up skinny and thinly-clad girls for partying. Bikutsi and Lady Ponce  fans should stop drooling the video is right here. Bon appetit.

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We announced some weeks ago on this platform that  two Cameroonian artists ; Koppo and Sanzy Viany were nominated for the Prix Decouvertes RFI 2010. The author of  ”Si tu voir ma go” hit , Kopp0 is the only Cameroonian among the top 10 artists retained for the finals of this 29th Edition.

The top 10 finalists include; A.Y of Tanzania, Bholoja of Swaziland, Elie Kamano of Guinée Conakry, Lexxus Legal of Democratic Republic of  Congo, Mao Otayeck of Ivory Coast, Maurice Kirya of Uganda, Ordeiro of Angola, Smockey of Burkina Faso, Winyo of  Kenya and  Koppo of Cameroon.

Until the  16th of September 2010 , go to and vote for Koppo ‘s « Si tu vois ma go » . This will enable him to be retained among the top 3 finalists.

The laureate will win a prize of 7000 euros and a career development support of 12 500 euros donated by the French Ministry of foreign affairs, an African  tour and international promotion.

Launched since 1981, Cameroonians like Coco Mbassi, Macase, Sally Nyolo, Ottou Marcellin have won the prize while some have lost at the final like Kareyce Fotso, VBH.

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Koppo has just been nominated for the prestigious Concours Decouverte RFI alongside Sanzy Viany. Here is a live performance of one of his popular hits  ”J’en ai marre ‘ featuring Charlotte Dipanda @ Palais de Sport, Yaounde.


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In the past years, Cameroon has been successfully represented at the Concours Decouvertes RFI by artists like Sally Nyolo, Macase, and recently Kareyce Fotso , finalist in the 2009 edition.

Two Cameroonian artists are already on the starting line for the 2010 edition, the beautiful and talented Sanzy Viany, and very original ”Si tu voir ma go” crooner Koppo.

Sanzy Viany  hails from the Lékié in the Central Region. Using her voice, she has thrived to use her mother tongue, ”Eton”  to conquer Cameroon. Her style  reflects  ethnic world music. Just the style you will love to listen no matter where you are. She blends Cameroon ethnic rhythms like  Ekomot, or Ewanga with soul, jazz, rumba, bossa nova, which demonstrates her thirst for universality.

Sandrine Dzinguene  a.k.a Sanzy Viany presents herself at the Concours Decouverte  RFI with an album, dubbed ”Akouma” , released in April 2009. An album of eight tracks, recorded live with musicians like Faser, bassist and bandleader, Moses Nzieh on the keyboard, Roger Minka ; guitar, Christina Ndengue on drums. Her song ”Minga Atan” is simply irresistible.

Pending the result of the competition, Sanzy continues with her shows. On the 13th of  August, she will perform at Mid-Sahel in Yaounde, on the occasion of the third edition of  “Demain au feminin”, a concept that aims to project  female talents which features  Danielle Eog, and the veteran Mary Anne Nzie.

Another Cameroonian selected is Koppo. His hit song  ”si tu voir ma go” at the time of its release turned into an anthem in Cameroon because of its originality. The rapper blends French, Pidgin English and local languages to create a style unique to him. He has remixed the song and it successfully convinced the judges.

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Many music fans have been wondering about the whereabouts of the  ”Si tu voir ma Go” hit maker; Koppo. We just learned he has a CD in stores featuring Petit Pays .
“This is a project dating back since November 2005, someone told  me Turbo was a fan of my music. I was so aware, I took the first step, I went to see him in Douala and asked for a  featuring . He called his arranger (Sion), he mimed a sound … after a few days, we recorded. So I entitled  it ”Des questions qui se posent” (issues arising). The song has been released  in a 5 tracks collection by Petit Pays ; ” Casanova”.
The CD costs 2000frs CFA, at MC POP MUSIC.
”I’ll also include it in my album that will be coming shortly”

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