April 21, 2024

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“Secouer -secouer”: New Lady Ponce video ft. D.J Manu Killer,Koppo

Bikutsi queen Lady Ponce is decidedly bent on making her musical presence felt this year. She has just released another video “Secouer -Secouer” featuring D.J Manu Killer. This track is from her latest album “La loi du talion” that was released late last year. The close to 6 minutes video was shoot at Safari Club in Yaounde that seems to be the latest IT place for shooting music videos. Lady Ponce has sure been busy. Just last month she released a video, left for Europe, has been announced back in the country for a March 8 concert and now this music video release. This latest video includes a special guest appearance from Koppo who plays a limousine- riding guy who picks up skinny and thinly-clad girls for partying. Bikutsi and Lady Ponce  fans should stop drooling the video is right here. Bon appetit.