March 1, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music: Where Koppo at?

Since the release of his hits- embroidered first album “ Je go“, Patrice Mink’o a.k.a Koppo seems to have disappeared from the music scene where we all thought he was going to be a fixture. With hits like “Si tu vois ma go” and “Emma”, he made a triumphant entry into the lamplight. His style, using “francanglais”, and sound made him a favourite with not only youths but also other entertainmenent industry insiders. On the heels of his success, he featured in a movie called “Confidences” and equally hooked up with sultry singer Charlotte Dipanda for a collabo. But as the saying goes to whom much is given even more is expected, reason why we’re wondering where he is. The highly -anticipated  second album is still being anticipated and  Koppo seems to be AWOL musically. What  has happened to the promise and talent? Has all that fizzled or is he like most Cameroonians artists finding it difficult to get a reliable producer. While hoping for a resurrection, let’s enjoy one of his classics “Si tu vois ma go”.