April 21, 2024

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Koppo among the 10 finalists of ‘Prix decouvertes RFI 2010’

We announced some weeks ago on this platform that  two Cameroonian artists ; Koppo and Sanzy Viany were nominated for the Prix Decouvertes RFI 2010. The author of  ”Si tu voir ma go” hit , Kopp0 is the only Cameroonian among the top 10 artists retained for the finals of this 29th Edition.

The top 10 finalists include; A.Y of Tanzania, Bholoja of Swaziland, Elie Kamano of Guinée Conakry, Lexxus Legal of Democratic Republic of  Congo, Mao Otayeck of Ivory Coast, Maurice Kirya of Uganda, Ordeiro of Angola, Smockey of Burkina Faso, Winyo of  Kenya and  Koppo of Cameroon.

Until the  16th of September 2010 , go to  www.rfi.fr and vote for Koppo ‘s « Si tu vois ma go » . This will enable him to be retained among the top 3 finalists.

The laureate will win a prize of 7000 euros and a career development support of 12 500 euros donated by the French Ministry of foreign affairs, an African  tour and international promotion.

Launched since 1981, Cameroonians like Coco Mbassi, Macase, Sally Nyolo, Ottou Marcellin have won the prize while some have lost at the final like Kareyce Fotso, VBH.