March 2, 2024

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GOSSIP: Bikutsi celebirty ,Clarisse WOPSO goes all pink in her video shoot !

Clarisse Valeri now Clarisse Wopso seems to have become more  ostentatious and flashy. From wearing close to 100 different outfits in one of her music videos,  the Cameroonian diva recently went all pink  in a pink Limo. Na waoh ! . She  just released her 3rd  album dubbed ” La chicote de Dieu” . Remember the Makossa/Bikutsi celebrity  was a subject of  a frustrating marriage  scandal that went wild on media with her former husband, Paul Valeri . She has however moved on with her life after divorcing Paul Valeri . She is now hanging with an Italian boyfriend she met during the video shoot of  ”La Chicote de Dieu” called Mucho Ferary whom she calls her  ”New love”.  Hmm!  Did you glance through her Facebook page? ”Fiancee Mucho L’Italien” was what caught my attention.

She is currently preparing her 3rd album  dubbed ”La Chocote de Dieu” . We got some   visual excerpts of the making of her new video ” La poupee de Jesus” , a song extracted from the album. The video was shot in Paris directed by Guy Foumane.


Listen to the full song by clicking: