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nyaAfter a smash hit single, a mega jam concert and an album, the Jovi MuMak romance has come to an end. This is the essence of  a statement from MuMak PR staff. The statement goes on to say that Jovi has created his own record label, New Bell Music which will henceforth be home to acts like Renise and Rachel Applewhite. This announcement comes as a surprise to most. Despite attempts to dispel any conspiracy theories and rumours as to the real reason for the split, one cannot help by asking two questions. One, why does success in the entertainment industry almost always culminate in splits? Two, now that its flagship artist, Jovi, and others – Renise and Rachel Applewhite- are gone, will MuMak ever be the same again?

Below is the entire release relating to the split.



Raving rap star JOVI who is currently the most talked about rap artist in Cameroon has left award winning MuMaK record label which he created together with his manager and long time friends Jules Nya and Rachel Applewhite.
The artist and music producer under his sobriquet of ‘‘Le Monstre’’ has started his own independent record label called New Bell Music which henceforth will represent him and rising singing sensations Renise and Rachel Applewhite.
MuMaK will still continue making great music through signees, Hip Hop act, Magasco and afro pop artiste/producer, Mr.Elad, with Jules Nya still as CEO.
“This decision does not affect our relationship as friends and professionals. It is merely a mutual and consensual understanding for the sake of structural convenience. We will still continue working together in future endeavours” states Jules. “We would also like to thank our fans for supporting us throughout and also reassure them that all is well” he added.”

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Is there trouble in paradise? This is the question worth asking after a lengthy facebook post today from music producer Dijay Chuucss. In this post, the producer accuses Mumak exec Jules Nya of  saying funny things behind his back. This is after the Mumak exec reacted to a blog article to say that Dijay Chuucss has NEVER produced any track for Jovi and

that Jovi mixed and mastered not most but ALL of the tracks on his recently – released H.I.V. album. Dijay Chuucss goes ahead to reproduce excerpts from his correspondence with Jules Nya. He also adds that “…..I knw i am your biggest threat JULE NYA bcuz my production is out standing...” This incident comes as a shock to most who, from the collabos and featurings, had always seen a semblance of unity between these two music industry insiders. Pending a reaction from Jules Nya whom we tried in vain to get a hold of and in case these allegations turn out to be true, this could be an indication of the grey backdrop to the glam and charm that the music industry keeps portraying .


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''Don 4 kwat'' hit-maker  JOVI 's scintillating , eccentric rap style and originality has raised a bar of credibility.  Following the official release of his debut LP ''H.I.V'' available on, millions of fans across the world have been infected and I'm utterly no exception, ''New Star'' being my favourite . There's no doubt Jovi gets a positive appraisal , going viral on blogosphere and hitting hard with his thumping beats in every ''kwata'' in Cameroon. Like an

y fast-rising celebrity like Justin Bieber or Naija's Wizkid, JOVI has been looming in a stale atmosphere of industry gossip and negative energy. Jovi certainly has haters . There are people who do not see anything good in what he does.  It's insane when you start comparing  Jovi's version of ''Pitie'' by Tabuley Rochereau with Youssoupha 's . That's the argument I eavesdropped somewhere . Like it or not, Jovi is a pacesetter. Hey ! Is Jovi venting his indignation about having haters and letting them know he's still on the fast lane , or a shout out to Konvict ? .

His status on social network FACEBOOK reads  '' A Collaboration With A Big International Artist In the Making.We In da studio Baby.Shout Out To My Peeps At Konvict. Haters Can Suck A Dick, Will Post Soon. Hmm Maybe We'll shoot A Video.For More Info get on twitter @jovilemonstre.'' 

So , meet him on TWITTER and you'll definitely know what's up !

The entire MUMAK crew made a trip to Kribi to visit veteran musician Eko Roosevelt . Courtesy of Je Wanda Magazine.

Watch !


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Following information conveyed to NexDim by Mumak CEO, Jules Nya, Jovi a.k.a Le Monstre who  is currently one of Cameroon’s finest producer and hip hop sensation is officially signed to the Yaounde based label, Mumak (acronym for Music Makers) contradicting info earlier published  that he is affiliated to Burn’m Records. MUMAK  is co-owned by Ndukong “Jovi” Godlove Nfor, Jules Nya and Rachel Burks  under a media group known as 12 Media group.

Jules Nya, Mumak CEO

Worth noting, under MUMAK, we have the following artists;rapper Jovi,gospel rnb artist Renise,and pop sensation Rachel Burks while BURN’M have Sine and Bisha under their roster.


Don’t be misled !


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