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The Cameroon movie industry is gradually climbing the ladder of success as professionalism is setting in. We have been amazed by the quality of movies and videos we produce lately in the industry. Cameroonian producers, directors, writers etc are taking this body to the next level by embracing  professionalism and among those who are taking this great step is Agbor Obed who is the C.E.O ZUMHOO Studio Works. He has been selected to take part in the  “One Fine Day Film” workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, slated for September 16th to September 29th 2013.

Film 1

Before being selected for this program he has worked as a video editor and broadcaster for STV Douala and on many TV Shows, short and feature films which include “The Meet Hansel Show”, “Hom Breeze”, “Bara Extravaganza”, “Family Tussle”, “The Zumhoo’s How To Guide”, and his breakthrough short comedy film, “Cold Feet (Slack Man)”. (

He applied as a director on the Workshop and was asked to send an original short comedy film of not more than 1 minute. This he wrote and directed under the multimedia production house, ZUMHOO Studio Works.


The One Fine Day Film workshops are a joint project by DW Akademie, ONE FINE DAY FILMS and GINGER INK. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Film und Medienstiftung NRW, the Goethe-Institut Kenya and ARRI Film & TV Services.

One Fine day logo

Agbor Obed is the first and only Cameroonian to participate in this workshop, making it a milestone achievement for the Entertainment Industry. He enrolls as a Film director and will receive training in that capacity.


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The grand finale of ”NUMBER ONE GIRL” is slated to take place on Thursday 4th July at Douala Bercy. Wax Dey shall be performing alongside Krotal , Valsero, Tony Nobody, Magasco, Grace Bethel, Askia, The 4 and Mony Eka. With just a copy of the ”Number One Girl” audio CD , you’ll have a free entry for the event. Catch a full live broadcast on Canal 2 International. Remember the winner gets a cash prize and a trip to South Africa to feature on ”Number One girl” video featuring Dontom.

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The Krystn Enem show is probably going to be the next big interactive TV  show to hit the screens in Naija. The Cameroonian TV host just signed a broadcast contract with Iroko TV . Krystn is the CEO of Glaim Concepts-Nigeria.

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Sonnah Awards
3-Hour Prime Time Live Broadcast Sunday December 29,2013 @ 7pm on Crtv from the heart of the  nation’s capital Hilton Hotel Yaounde.

The Academy of Cinema, Music, fashion, sport & television will unite its film, music fashion, sport, arts, television and digital media awards into one gala event with a live prime time broadcast, Sunday, December 29th, 2013 @ the Hilton Hotel Yaoundé Cameroon @ 7pm on Crtv live. A series of celebrations of Cameroon’s entertainment and screen industries leading up to the gala will include industry awards presentations and special events.

 “Following extensive industry consultation and outreach, the CAMEROON ACADEMY BOARD announces the consolidation of the cinema, music, fashion, sport , Arts and television awards into one major powerhouse show for the Cameroonian public,” says Academy Chairperson: Dr. George  King  A boagye

“The Academy’s new awards will be a true showcase of our country’s finest talent in entertainment industries in this three-hour star-studded red carpet gala,” says Cameroon Academy Awards CEO: Akim Macauley

 “The Cameroonian film, music, sport, fashion, Art , television and digital industries play a vital role in our country’s national identity and cultural heritage, and we’re proud to shine a light on them in one groundbreaking television event,” says Mr Amadou Vamouke  General manager at the CRTV

“We look forward to working alongside our partners at the SONNAH AWARDS to celebrate the Cameroonian entertainment and its cultural heritage like never before.” Says H.E AMA TUTU MUNA Minister of Arts and culture.

English and French-language films and music will continue to compete in the new award show which will now also include English-language television programs and digital awards. Read More

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Rose Epie Mbolle is a celebrated Cameroonian veteran TV host and musician. Her eloquence , English language mastery, jocularity and savoir-faire makes her ideal and a rare TV personality.  Today, Rose Epie is the presenter of CRTV’s ”Monday Show” which promotes Cameroonian culture and talent, as well as the popular  Sunday show  ”Tam Tam Weekend”. 

The Monday Show

More like a ”Cameroonian Oprah Winfrey”, the   ardent TV lovers of our age grew up watching this beautiful  and skillful lady hosting talk shows on the National TV. Below is an excerpt of her interview with artist Wilfred Enow.

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If you have n’t caught a glimpse of the contestants of the trending reality TV show ”Number One Girl” on Canal 2 , here is a video of the contestants (below). Remember, the winner wins a cash prize of $ 5000 , a trip to South Africa to feature on ”Number One Girl ” Video. These candidates were chosen because of their passion, talent, drive, determination, beauty and diversity. Vote now for your favourite candidate by smsing their name to 8018 (Cameroon only).

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The conception of Chillen Music Television “CMTV” was initiated by its proprietor and Director Nkwain Ettiene Chiambah (Master Chill). With his music background, he had been observing the industry,with peculiar interest on English speaking Cameroon. As time went on, he gathered that anglophone Cameroon has a lot of talent, but lacks a means by which this talent can be promoted.

Mindful of the “hypodermic needle effect” of the media, its ability to set the agenda and prioritize issues in peoples minds, Master Chill figured that the media is the only push force that

can successfully awaken the public”s love and attention towards their home-based products.

In a bid to materialize this dream for Cameroon, he stroke a partnership with other stakeholders who had the same interest. However when the idea reached the point of execution, his partners backed out because they had a premonition of the huge sacrifices of resources and finances required in that venture.

Despite the odds, CMTV came to life in late April 2012 and has recently launched its first program outline which is revisable, to suit the wants of its viewership.Also, it presently has a good number of staff working relentlessly to make the station achieve its goals.

What distinguishes CMTV from other television stations is its focus on entertainment.This makes CMTV the only purely entertainment television in English speaking Cameroon


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According to a comprehensive communiqué  published on Trace Africa“s official Facebook page, the broadcast of videos on Trace Africa and Trace Urban is F.R.E.E .

Contrary to the rumour that is

rife that artists pay for their videos to be broadcast on TRACE, the management declared that artists are rather paid copyrights when their videos are broadcast on TRACE TV. Here below is an excerpt :

“”Il n”a jamais existe de tarification financière pour la diffusion de clips vidéos sur les chaines du groupe TRACE. Seule la diffusion de spots publicitaire est payante””.


Artists should therefore be on the alert of scammers who collect money claiming to be intermediaries between artists and TRACE TV.

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ltm_tvHuman interest news presenter extraordinaire Awilo has been given an unwanted leave. The “tory massa”  and his show are amongst some TV hosts and their shows who were handed various suspensions by the National Communication Council. Their suspension is on account of their uncensored broadcast of the mutilated body parts of a man who was beheaded recently by his son – Awilo got a  6 month suspension. Since he burst unto the Cameroonian media scene on radio and later TV , Awilo has garnered a huge following with his “IPP News” that is a sassy blend of   human interest stories and live commentary all presented in Pidgin. This suspension will surely be greeted with great dismay by his fans. Some people will however toast to this unannounced disqualification of this

dark horse who has surprisingly been leading the ratings war with other more resource – blessed rivals.

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