April 23, 2024

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TV: Talent In Disability (TID) Reality Show

Talent In Disability (TID) Reality Show

A big part of raising awareness and acceptance for people with disabilities is making their stories part of popular culture.

Belinda Mayar and Cynthia Paradise are persons living with disability. They are currently working on a project to host the first Disability Reality Show in Cameroon.

“When we talk about inclusion, don’t we think that persons with disabilities should be given the opportunity to showcase the great potentials, they too have?” – Belinda Mayar

Their goal is to promote, encourage and showcase the potential of persons with disabilities. It will show their challenges, strengths and possibilities.

The show will also highlight the fact that persons with disabilities can fight, love, forgive, support and build one another.

Being exclusively for persons with disabilities, it will show their daily activities like cooking, cleaning, washing and supporting one another.

“Infact it will show, the life of people with disability, I just can’t wait to see this imagination turning to reality”

The official launching of the historic and inspiring platform shall tale place next month. Details will be shared subsequently.

“If you believe in ability in disability,
If you stand with Talent in Disability reality show”
For partnership, sponsorship and participation in the program, contact: +237653766176, +237678991432.

“Stay safe and please keep sharing
Talent In Disability Reality Show” -Belinda Mayar

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