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The burgeoning Cameroon urban music sphere is gradually improving on audio and video production quality in a bid to meet international level. No Hitz No Records is one of the most outstanding production hubs making formidable strides to ameliorate quality. Now situated in Molyko, Buea, the well-equipped studio is manned with  competent and accredited producers to deliver the best in all genres of music ; Afro pop, makossa, R&B, Hip Hop, folklore, reggae etc. It’s the right place  for recording, mixing and mastering your music. No Hitz No Recordz is the powerhouse behind the group Rhythmz, Daphne , Boy Slim and many fine talents. The CEO , Prince Mykel Enobi is quite categorical on the fact that his motive is to revolutionalise the art of production in Cameroon. 

Contact: 75411309

Here are  some images of the studio below;

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The Cameroon movie industry is gradually climbing the ladder of success as professionalism is setting in. We have been amazed by the quality of movies and videos we produce lately in the industry. Cameroonian producers, directors, writers etc are taking this body to the next level by embracing  professionalism and among those who are taking this great step is Agbor Obed who is the C.E.O ZUMHOO Studio Works. He has been selected to take part in the  “One Fine Day Film” workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, slated for September 16th to September 29th 2013.

Film 1

Before being selected for this program he has worked as a video editor and broadcaster for STV Douala and on many TV Shows, short and feature films which include “The Meet Hansel Show”, “Hom Breeze”, “Bara Extravaganza”, “Family Tussle”, “The Zumhoo’s How To Guide”, and his breakthrough short comedy film, “Cold Feet (Slack Man)”. (

He applied as a director on the Workshop and was asked to send an original short comedy film of not more than 1 minute. This he wrote and directed under the multimedia production house, ZUMHOO Studio Works.


The One Fine Day Film workshops are a joint project by DW Akademie, ONE FINE DAY FILMS and GINGER INK. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Film und Medienstiftung NRW, the Goethe-Institut Kenya and ARRI Film & TV Services.

One Fine day logo

Agbor Obed is the first and only Cameroonian to participate in this workshop, making it a milestone achievement for the Entertainment Industry. He enrolls as a Film director and will receive training in that capacity.


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Surprise, surprise, the trong>Indomitable Lionesses yesterday failed to beat the Ethiopian ladies during their last group match. Enow Ngatchu“s side only managed a draw against the little – known Ethiopians whom everybody expected would be mauled to death. Lucky for them, they could and did qualify due to Nigeria”s 3-1 beating of Cote d”Iovire. They thus qualify with just four points. In the semis, they will face host country Equatorial Guinea. The other women”s AFCON 2012 semi pits South Africa against Nigeria. If they hope to qualify for the finals, the Lionesses must do better than play draw-quality football since their opponents will be playing in front of their home crowd. Good luck Lionesses.

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After featuring on Adah’s ”Yokoko”,Yaounde-based artist DJO has been phenomenal in his style and vocal aptitude. No doubt fans have been requesting for his songs . The R&B crooner and music producer has wasted no time to drop a tuneful single titled ”Babe u so fine” to be savoured. Rumours have been rife that he is Adah’s younger brother. NexDim is yet to confirm. 


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Hey Nexdimers and fans of  TrackZone records and its never ending good music, here comes the newest artist of the house Angel Montess.

She presents to y’all ‘Hands Up’.

A love song in a kinda moving forward story of a broken hearted girl. In her lyrics she appreciates all they have shared while together. The sound of her voice can break open the clouds, oh gush this girl is good. Listen and I know you will definitely put your hands up to this.


Hands up by Montess (master)


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Nexdim Empire caught up with the CEO of Ngwana Films Production, Eddie Goffi Ngwana in his studio at Krammar Avenue in Kumba and decided to help you discover him just after the release of his new traditional movie ‘The Beadsmaker’. Actually, we had to discover Eddie is a camera person, does video production,takes care of lightings and is also a film maker.


Nexdim: Hello

Eddie: Hello

Nexdim: So tell the world about yourself

ED: Well, talking about me I come from a royal family- the Ngwana’s family. My name is Edmund Goffi Nwana but i like to be called Eddie Goffi.

Nexdim: What is NFP (Ngwana films production) all about?

Eddie: NFP started 9years ago that’s in 2003, I had the drive to start something like a production house and actually I had my very first in 2007 titled ‘Venerated Tradition’. The movie was written by me and right now it is an African Magic production since it was bought. And the one thing I so very much enjoyed about the movie is that it got me two very special awards- Best Costume and Best Locations in the ‘La Nuit de Court Metrage’ award ceremony and Best Actress and Best Costume too in Ace Award that took place at Palais des congres Yaounde.

Nexdim: Some of your works please

Eddie: I have a serial production which came after Venerated Tradition in 2010, it is called ‘Yanore N’a Ngwe’ meaning ‘Son of the lion’. I also have ‘Bloody Chase’ and the newly released ‘Beadsmaker’ which will be launched officially next week.

Nexdim: If you were to tell who in the movie industry inspires you most starting from Cameroon, Africa and the world, who will it be?

Eddie: In Cameroon I’d say Agbor Gilbert (Befor the Sun Rise), in Africa- Teco Benson, chidi Chikere and Emeka Ike and in the world – Peter D Marshal and Stephen Spilberg.

Nexdim: How can you assess the industry in Cameroon?

Eddie:   Cameroon comes third after Nigeria and Ghana. We have some very hardworking film makers am talking about people like  Agbor Steve, Neba Lawrence, penjo,musing Deric and many more. In no time we will stand the best of time, i mean with our virgin stories we are sure to, remember we are talking of a country with about 251 tribes and the ore the tribes, the more stories we have to tell.

Nexdim: What do you think can be done to ameliorate or make a positive change in the industry?

Eddie:   First is sponsorship and the second is the training of our actors and entire crew, then we need enough collaboration and determination amongst ourselves. They should be committed to their commitment because all these things are very essential and i make sure myself that they are put into practice in my production house.

Nexdim: Are you married?

Eddie: No, most of my girls run away from me as aresult of the nature of my work.

Nexdim: What do you like eating most?

Eddie: Corn fufu and kati kati

Nexdim: Twas nice talking to you

Eddie: Same here the pleasure is all mine.


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Ngwana Films Productions is a Kumba based operating film and video production house with Ngwana Eddie Goffi as its CEO, long time producer and filmmaker.

‘The Beads Maker is one of his numerous much time invested works done released some few days back. The Cameroonian culture – filled traditional movie was  directed by Eddie Goffi himself  and  published by Tah Terence of the Don Studio and Tah Films Production of Kumba.

We bring you some excerpts from the movie.



For more info contact : oo237 74 36 21 09

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K- town’s very own ajebota guru West Don has just released an all brand nu hip hop makossa single dubbed ‘Cameroon Nyango’ done in his own western style.

The track was programmed at Westox Records Kumba, mastered and recorded at M1 studio Buea. Its all about  praise singing Cameroonian girls, telling the entire world  how beautiful they are, and also helps promotes the towns and cities in our country.                                                                          This is the latest hit from the King of Ajebota.


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Swedish based Cameroonian makossa, zouk love, and world music artist Microsoft Frank Bila presently is in Cameroon for the recording and production of his upcoming album, title still to be decided (says you don’t name a child till after his birth).

The uprising singer does his thing in french, English, Duala and pidgin English and his sixed-tracked album has titles like ‘Blue world’, ‘La fete’, ‘Maman’, ‘Mauvais mari‘. Back in his school days in the University of Dschang Cameroon, Frank Bila used to sing in the school orchestra and has taken part in the Buea University cultural festival of 2003 leaving with a gold medal. His role model is none other than makossa king Petit Pays. Putting much efforts day in, day out at M1 studio, his album will be released any time soon.

Nexdim  promises to bring you more updates on Bila.

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JCI Cameroon Award of  the  Ten Outstanding Young Persons of  Cameroon (TOYP) in different categories like  Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment, Agriculture, Medical Innovation and Culture which took place at Djeuga Palace Yaounde, had Emile Ngumbah of  M1 Studio going home with an award in the cultural domain.

M1 Studio is one of the most renown recording labels in Cameroon. Based in the burstling town of  Buea in the South West region, it  has worked with almost all of  Cameroon’s most known artist nowadays – Achalle, Bate Nico, Bright Phase,  Narcisse Pryze you name the rest.

Back then Emile was out to train young talented Cameroonians in a bid to help them discover themselves, but today since 2003,  most of his trainees are featured in each and every musical  competition within Cameroon and Africa is  it the Nescafe Competition, Kora Awards, Star de Demain, Music Star, CABAHO Festival or which?

Thus, to celebrate such cultural achievements and leadership, M1 studio man received an award for JCI TOYP of Cameroon under the cultural domain at Djeuga Palace, Yaounde.Present at the occasion were the Minister of Culture, Aman Tutu Muna, CRTV’s General Manager, Amadou Vamoulke, American Ambassador Representative, British Ambassador Reresentative amongst others.

Speaking on a one on one chatting session with, Emile expressed so much joy and how he felt so overwhelmed to have been seen from such a distance. This will only go a long way to give him more urge and power to work even more harder, so he says.

Congratulations man more grease!!!

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