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NexDim Artist of The Year: Myra Maimoh

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Ladies and Gentlemen we are pleased to announce our NEXDIM Artist of the Year, She is based in Germany and she  earned 127 votes out of a total of 377 voters. She is none other than the talented Myra Maimoh

get to know more about her on this link

Her Award will be detailed in another post… Happy New Year 2011 to you all and God bless you

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Yaounde en Fete {YA-FE 2010}

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The nations’ capital, Yaounde has been grooving to cultural festivities characterised with pomp and pageantry . Since December 18th,  Music, artistic exhibitions, games and cinema have been the major distracting activities at the Boulevard du 20 Mai in Yaounde. The event is dubbed Yaounde en Fete or YA-FE . Papa Wemba’s performance on Sunday 26th was electrifying  ! and  guess what ?

‘I don see my wife’ crooner , Dontom thrilled the population of Yaounde yesterday, 28th December with beautiful rhythms from his repertoire and you shall be having more exciting performances.

Do not miss the rest !


Samedi, 18 décembre: -Cabel
-Patou Bass
-Bisso Solo
Dimanche, 19 décembre -Sanzy Viany
-Annie Anzouer
Lundi, 20 décembre -Hugo Nyame
-Benji Mateke
Mardi, 21 décembre -Guy Watson
-Batchou Sylla
Mercredi, 22 décembre -Nkukuma
-CFA c’ chaud
Jeudi, 23 décembre -Lady B
-Bubal du Kombil (Gabon)
-Koz 2 rim (Guinée Equatoriale)
Vendredi, 24 décembre -Meiwey & le Zo-gang international
Samedi, 25 décembre -Maréchal Papillon & le Sakissa
Dimanche, 26 décembre -Papa Wemba & Viva La Musica
Lundi, 27 décembre -YA-FE Gospel Musical 2010
Mardi, 28 décembre 2010 -Jay-N
Mercredi, 29 décembre -Ateba & Cyriak de l’ère
-Ebogo Emerant & Tonton Ebogo
Jeudi, 30 décembre -Benoît Bitong
-Belka Tobis
Vendredi, 31 décembre -Carine Solo
-Majoie Ayi
Samedi, 1er Janvier 2011 -Sergeo Polo

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Cosby ENSINGLE whose real names are Moncha Emmanuel Neba is a Pop/Rock singer and song writer in Cameroon. He was born into a family of six . Three brothers (Abongta Shu Moncha, Mbonui Bofuan Moncha, Ngwa vision Moncha) and two sisters (Abita Lum Moncha, Afanwi Adel Moncha). His father Moncha Martin Ngwa was a famous guitarist who abandoned playing to become a teacher with the Ministry of National Education so he could sustain his family.

Cosby ENSINGLE started his musical carreer at the age of 8 when his mother – Yanu Grace took him to a children’s choir group in the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon known as the Young Presbyterians (YP).

ENSINGLE’s talents in music developed along as he performed many songs on a regular basis as a kid during many church events such as charismas eve. He did many vocal backups for a multitude of theatrical productions. He took a particular liking in watching musicians play at his father’s Bottle-dance Club. Gradually, he started playing some instruments like the bottle, shakers and the accordion.

He worn many prices and thrilled many aged people with his dynamic performances in church and at the club. During his secondary education, ENSINGLE and some of his friends founded an acapella music group of 5 with him being the lead singer. He moved on later to performing playbacks during school gatherings and other events thrilling many of his peers.

As a student in a technical school studying mechanical engineering, he found time to push on with his passion for music. He has many inter-school choral music awards to his credit.

ENSINGLE with time stopped performing playbacks and started recording his own songs. His first song recorded with another artists instrumental is titled I believe. He later joined the group Street2mic that signed a contract with the Organisation For Life Care (OFLIC) – a national NGO in Cameroon to produce a No More AIDS album of five tracks (HIV kills, hope, street children, HIV makes the world to die, Africa de cry). The album is a great success and has been used by OFLIC for their HIV/AIDS campaigns.

During World AIDS Day in December 2006, ENSINGLE was one of the main performing artists of the day in Bamenda Cameroon. He presented a song entitled leave and let live. Years later, ENSINGLE signed a contract with Red Cassava Records in the United States of America to produce the Tears of War album.!/Ensingle

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Profile: YA Squad

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But what is the Y.A Squad?

Who are they after all?

Why so much noise about them?

These are some of the questions running through the minds of people on the streets who wonder what this Y.A Squad is all about.

They are a group of talented young spirit filled boys who use rap to do their thing and spread the gospel of God. They are all members of an interdenominational group known as Youth Aglow in Cameroon.

Being young Cameroonians who have found love for rap music and are good at what they do, they have their focus and attention at doing gospel rap and nothing more.

YA Squad is made up of  six Cameroonians of different ages, background, tribe and denomination and I must say their music is hard and good for a Camer based Gospel rap group.

They are (Njimape Terence aka T-boy,Arrey-tambe Tabot aka slim.t,Arrey-tambe Etta aka Rusty,Fon Mofor aka Erney Murphy,Balla Yannick aka Big lee, Mofor Charles aka Mac n and Emmanuel Asana aka ACE). Their music is  always filled with deep emotions that make listeners have a good time while praising the lord. Their coming together as a group was six years ago and ever since they have been moving non stop with their portfolio filled with a video  album (in stores)  and audio album titled WAY TO HEAVEN coupled with the fact that they are seriously working on releasing their second album, all I can do is hail them 😉

Music has taken the Y.A SQUAD to places not too far from home and have seen faces not too strange but they still have their unique style which rocks. These young men are out to let other youths know that the gospel of God has a place in the world of hip-hop and that young people can still live their youthfulness with much fun but geared towards the kingdom. They want to turn Cameroon in particular and the world at large towards a heaven mind set with their voices and talents. Meet them online when ever,where ever at (

check out their videos below:

Way To Heaven


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JuJuCRACY JU-BAH’L is a Camerborn “jujurock” artist who came into earth as  BAH TARKE to a royal family, son of the ruler of the Funam Bome,META people of Cameroon. He is the founder of JuJuROCK CITY of JUJUKISTAN,a record label and LAND of  very deep musical ideas such as:
  1. THE PROPHESY Pictures and Sounds
  2. freedom and Truth
  4. THE ANTIDOTE (seed of Rape)
He studied theatre arts at the University of Yaounde 1 but he is a self taught professional in visual arts and everything music.
In 2007, he was selected by the British Council to represent Cameroon in the “BRING THE NOISE” artist residency program that brought visual artists and musicians from 10 different countries to work together and go on a 7 country tour.
You will remember this guy if you had attended the following shows:
JU-BAH’L is currently working on a couple of musical Visuals namely JUJUCRACY, THE SON OF THE DRUNKARD and THE ANGELIC QUEEN.
JU-BAH’L  sees his life as a riddle and prophesy, a purpose unknown as his god, the creator of JUJUKISTAN the TIME BOMB  with MUSIC FROM THE FUTURE, painted by the Ugandan news paper as THE NEW VISION.
in his own words:
infact this guy too much… catch him on his facebook page below or listen to some of his songs….

Her Queendom Come
[audio:|titles=Her Queendom come]

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Kareyce Fotso was born in the Bamileke region , West Cameroon and raised amongst the Beti. After successful studies in bio-chemistry and audiovisuals, she decides to pursue her passion for singing. It begins in the cabarets of Yaounde where she became a chorister and back-up vocalist. She attracted the attention of  the group : Korongo Jam Erik Aliana by her stage presence and her extraordinary voice.

In France, following her resident status , ”Visa pour la creation musiques ” in 2009 , she worked under the artistic direction of Francis Kokelaere, who among other things, directed the Ensemble National des Percussions de Guinea and influenced the progress of the Guinean group Wofa to perform worldwide.
This encounter propelled her  entire career. She was awarded ”Prix de la Francophonie” in 2009. Kareyce was equally finalist of ”RFI Prix de Decouvertes ” in 2010 alongside Koppo.

 Simply accompanied by her guitar and percussions, Kareyce Fotso released her debut album ”Kwegne” with hit song ”Mayole”

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In December last year, I had the opportunity to witness the most exquisite and elegant  display of  Cameroonian traditional designs and music at  ”Bamenda Rocks” organised by classy traditional-chic fashion label , Kirette Couture. The event which was an utter success is gearing up for the second edition ,this time unveiling   ”Grassroots Explosion”.

 Bamenda Rocks 2”  is scheduled to take place on the 26th of December 2010 from 7:oo pm prompt at Ayaba Hotel. Bamenda. This initiative conceived by two fabolous Cameroonian fashion designers ;Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor aims at highlighting local talents and reigniting the fainting ambers of  Cameroonian culture through fashion. Hoping to meet you at the biggest thing after the president’s visit !

Standard: 10.000 frs

Classic:15.000 frs

V.I.P: 25.000 frs

Contact for tickets:

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ASANJI WILLIEBROAD  a.k.a WILLY B was born on November 3, 1986  in Bamenda. He is best known for playing on the key board. As a rapper, he performs under the mononym,  WILLY B. Often billed as the new version of The Fresh Prince . He ‘s been in the  Hip Hop scene since 1999.

WILLY B’s Early life and career

 Willy B was born in Bafut, to ASANJI LUCAS  NSUH, a doctor who worked with  the catholic Health Center Mambu Bafut and Asanji Christina. Willy B attended the Mambu Catholic Primary school and  Government High School Bafut, where he began singing in the choir aided by influences by his musician uncle , Lord Simon.  After obtaining his advanced level, he decided to pursue his  education at the university of Douala .In Douala , he encountered a clique of talented guys he worked with. He met some rappers like ENN AKA BILROCK AND STRATEGY K AKA SIGNET They formed a group known as SEABREEZE.  

 In February 2006, Willy B  released his first mixtape  ”SUFFER”  which featured T Black B and DJ ADAH. It was aired on local radio stations in Bamenda like  CRN,  RADIO HOT COCOA AND AFRIQUE NOUVEL. From the success of his first mixtape, he later began releasing more, capitalizing on the buzz.

In 2007, he released a single recorded by  DJ Reptile in Douala. This marked an indellible footprint in his career.

 Early 2010 , Willy B  released his debut  album ”RING TONE”  with 6 tracks . The album featured ENN, LLOYS, IG COOL, PRISCA.

Willy B has also been  collaborating with artists like SIGNET, ENN, LLOYS, CL, KAKI MC  and BELIEVE RECORDZ.

Approximately, 1500 copies of his album have been sold in Cameroon,  Equatorial Guinea and South Africa.

Going insane [audio:|titles=01 goin in sane]

The promise[audio:|titles=04 DE PROMISE]

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Mourinho wants Samuel Eto’o back

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Real Madrid head coach  Mourinho has divulged his intention to the chiefs of Real Madrid to consider re-signing Inter Milan forward , Samuel Eto’o.

Mourinho asked president Florentino Perez about signing Eto’o over the summer, but the deal was abortive .

However, now with Inter struggling, Mourinho has discussed with Perez trying for Eto’o next month. The intention is to wait until mid-January for results on Gonzalo Higuain’s back injury before making a move for the Cameroon superstar.

Even with Eto’o Cup-tied from the Champions League, Mourinho would welcome him to Madrid and has already made contact to alert his former Inter star to his thinking.

Despite his past with Barcelona and his taunts aimed at Real during his time at the Nou Camp, Eto’o would love the chance to be reunited with Mourinho.

Picture credit : ESPN

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lady ponce enceinte

It initially started like a rumour; ” Lady Ponce dey with bele ”. Yes ! The new queen of Bikutsi , Lady Ponce is reportedly pregnant . The ”Trahison” crooner has been spotted with a baby bumpy. Na true ! . I equally watched her perform on Jambo TV in that state brandishing a newly launched fruit drink. Is this supposed to be her first kid ?. I wonder if there’s no maternity leave in music business. Beyonce has been for some months now and has n’t been on stage for a while. Anyways , let our diva hustle for mo’ cheques .

Now , who is the baby- daddy ? Rumours say a government official , some say a footballer in the Cameroon National team, while others say business man . The end will justify !

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