March 4, 2024

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Lady Ponce is pregnant . Elle est enceinte !

lady ponce enceinte

It initially started like a rumour; ” Lady Ponce dey with bele ”. Yes ! The new queen of Bikutsi , Lady Ponce is reportedly pregnant . The ”Trahison” crooner has been spotted with a baby bumpy. Na true ! . I equally watched her perform on Jambo TV in that state brandishing a newly launched fruit drink. Is this supposed to be her first kid ?. I wonder if there’s no maternity leave in music business. Beyonce has been for some months now and has n’t been on stage for a while. Anyways , let our diva hustle for mo’ cheques .

Now , who is the baby- daddy ? Rumours say a government official , some say a footballer in the Cameroon National team, while others say business man . The end will justify !