May 30, 2024

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What’s up with Zinnia ?

Zinnia Bemo is rated as one of the best singers of our generation in Cameroon , raised to fame after winning Mutzig Star 2009 .

She was part of  Kora Awards 2010 nominated group, Bright Phase and actively  participated in their sophomore  album ”Africa Abong” . Later,  she was part of the Nescafe African Revelation 2009 wining group, BAAM . Zinnia’s vocals and images have also been spotted  in all  recordings of the group, ”Check’ em” alongside Belle Asong, Mabel , and Adele of Baam.

The intriguing question here is ”Where does she belong ” ? Is she  solo , with Bright Phase , BAAM, or Check’em ?

More exasperating, after winning the prestigious Mutzig Star 2009 Peugeut 206 Sedan, fans have been running out of patience, waiting for her solo album to be released by Brasseries Du Cameroun as promised.

Will the album ever be released ?

I’m not done yet, I was watching the finals of GOSPEL MUSICAL on  CRTV last Sunday when I heard a song performed by one of the candidates called Leadsman titled ”Paddy man”. The young  singer from Bamenda claimed he composed the song.

Funny enough, this same song with some slight lyrical modifications was used by Zinnia to grab the Mutzig Star competition last year . It is rumoured that the song may feature in the GOSPEL MUSICAL forthcoming album to be released in December . Now, who is the true owner of the song ?

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