July 12, 2024

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But what is the Y.A Squad?

Who are they after all?

Why so much noise about them?

These are some of the questions running through the minds of people on the streets who wonder what this Y.A Squad is all about.

They are a group of talented young spirit filled boys who use rap to do their thing and spread the gospel of God. They are all members of an interdenominational group known as Youth Aglow in Cameroon.

Being young Cameroonians who have found love for rap music and are good at what they do, they have their focus and attention at doing gospel rap and nothing more.

YA Squad is made up of  six Cameroonians of different ages, background, tribe and denomination and I must say their music is hard and good for a Camer based Gospel rap group.

They are (Njimape Terence aka T-boy,Arrey-tambe Tabot aka slim.t,Arrey-tambe Etta aka Rusty,Fon Mofor aka Erney Murphy,Balla Yannick aka Big lee, Mofor Charles aka Mac n and Emmanuel Asana aka ACE). Their music is  always filled with deep emotions that make listeners have a good time while praising the lord. Their coming together as a group was six years ago and ever since they have been moving non stop with their portfolio filled with a video  album (in stores)  and audio album titled WAY TO HEAVEN coupled with the fact that they are seriously working on releasing their second album, all I can do is hail them 😉

Music has taken the Y.A SQUAD to places not too far from home and have seen faces not too strange but they still have their unique style which rocks. These young men are out to let other youths know that the gospel of God has a place in the world of hip-hop and that young people can still live their youthfulness with much fun but geared towards the kingdom. They want to turn Cameroon in particular and the world at large towards a heaven mind set with their voices and talents. Meet them online when ever,where ever at (theY.Asquad@yahoo.com)

check out their videos below:

Way To Heaven