June 19, 2024

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Nexdim Star of the Week: Crystal Beauty Show Host

Its an all brand nu weekend and here is our privileged Star of the Week in no other personality than the host of  Crystal Beauty Show. She is a Cameroonian by nationality, was born in Douala and raised in Bamenda and presently resides in Boston, USA. As an only child to a single mum, we bring more insights into how she came about the show and what the show is all about.


Nexdim: What’s  the show all about?

Crys: Well the show is about everything, actually I talk about fashion, movies, music and I also do adverts and promos on the show. Viewers email me questions about relationships or whatever and I answer them on the show, I  do interviews as well. So its really about what the viewers want you to be.

Nexdim: How did the conception come to finally be a reality?

Crys: Well it started off as a joke really when I look back its really funnny….it started on valentines day 2011 when my friend Frank called me up and told me to tune on the radio that he has a surprise for me, when  I did, he had dedicated a song for me so I asked him how he got in touch with the radio and he said he and his friends created it so I asked to be a webcaster and they accepted.                                                                           So I have been on the radio for sometime until I got a good fan base then I thought to myself  I have always wanted to be an actress why cant I  make this radio show a video show… from then I started off just doing random videos and got alot of positive feedback from it, so decided to start taking it seriously and here  I am now.

Nexdim: You keep talking about the radio, which radio station was that?

Crys: The radio was naijaradio234 but the name was changed this year to triodebox I still host the radio show on Thursdays.

Nexdim: Thanks for your time

Crys: You welcome anytime

Nexdim brings you Episodes 1 & 2 of the Crystal Beauty Show season 1