April 25, 2024

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INTERVIEW WITH DIANA TAMBE-”I think the greatest ethic in modeling is being a professional”

Diana Tambe ”BlackPearl” is a Netherlands-based model. NexDim caught up with this Cameroonian beauty for an interview about her career exploits and achievements.Hmm! I love her eyesss.
Hello Diana.How are you doing?

”I’m great many thanks.”

Can you briefly introduce yourself to us?

”I am Diana Tambe originally from Cameroon now residing in the Netherlands.”

Describe your journey to becoming a model?

”Well, I had always admired on screen models in my childhood and dreamed of being a model. I was fun of always taking pictures of myself as a teenager. On my move to the Netherlands, my horizons and opportunities were pretty much expanded and my exposure acted as a springboard to my modelling career.”

What do people sometimes take as criteria of becoming a model?
There are various areas of modeling so in my opinion there’s no such thing as standard criteria to becoming a model. You have various areas in modeling such as face models, hand models, lingerie models, calendar, prints, clothing, etc. So it all depends on what area the aspirer feels most comfortable and gifted with.”

What are the ethics of modeling?
As in all professions I think the greatest ethic in modeling is being a professional at all times and being as enthusiastic about your job like you would in any other profession.”

There is an impression out there that models often give out their bodies to their managers,photographers and stuff..Does this obtain?

”Remember I speak on an individual basis and can’t speak for all models out there. My general ethics is being professional at all times in my modeling career. In that light when there’s a job offer, I ensure the standard procedures such as terms and conditions of the job are well understood and contracted. It is strictly based on my ability as a model to achieve the objectives of my assignment.”

What has been your achievements in the industry so far?

”I have featured in various Dutch magazines like H&M, Hunkemoller,  TV Programmes: Ik Wed Dat Ik Het Kan, of  RTL4.Music videos like  Peter La Haye titled: ‘Ik Heb Je Nodig, ‘Dutch movie-serie ‘ Flow’  etc etc .. And I have been contracted to a well known European clothing company as their clothing model. I have also featured in various adverts for Camera lenses as well as Lingerie magazines and Camera Magazines within The Netherlands. In 2007, I modeled for Money Gram covering a football magazine supporting Cameroonian during the African cups of nation and  won  price Miss Black Europe 2008 (representing Sierra Leone)

Have you been keeping  cordial relationship with other Cameroonian models?

”I have worked with some very brilliant Cameroonian models which was a great pleasure and I hope to work with them again in the future. Most of the Cameroonian models I have worked with maintain high discipline and professionalism thus boosting the zeal to work with them again.”

You sometimes feel shy when taking some shots?
”I need to feel more relaxed and be in a comfortable environment. If I say I feel shy then I meant as well be saying I am in the wrong job. As a model you don’t have to be Camera shy.”

Do you have any problem with posing nude or half nude infront of the cameraman?

”I am not a nude model. I model items such as clothing, Lingerie, footwear, and feature in shot movies, commercials, TV-programmes and music videos.”

Did you receive any resistance from your parents?

”My parents have been very supportive and are quite liberal. They are my greatest inspiration and I owe all thanks to them for the success in my modelling Career.”

What do you plan to give back to your country, Cameroon?

”I am a patriot. Simply. Whatever I can ever back to my country I will have no hesitations. I hope I act as an inspiration to other Cameroonians out there that they can always achieve and live their dreams against all odds.
Your worst experience ever in your career?”

Your best moments.?
”I should say I am pretty blessed to not have had any worst experience…..I have had some stressful moments like meeting up with tight schedules and datelines as well as travelling across Europe for shoots and events. That can be as stressful but it comes with the job so I can happily live with that.”

Modeling is quite challenging.Can you tell us  the challenges you face?

”The greatest challenge in the industry is competition. There’ s a lot of competition in the industry but I always try to get some positive out of any negative so I always strive to make sure I give my competitors a hard time. That simply keeps me going and re-inventing myself whenever necessary.”

Have you been making life worth-living out of your profession?

”I personally thing a job should be an interesting thing.  No one can achieve ultimum/optimum performance in their job if they are not happy in it. I enjoy every bit of my job and it makes live in the job fun too.”

What is your future ambition?
”My options are open. I look forward to the future positively.”

Have you ever been a victim of a scandal?
”People will always talk about you in today’s society. However I have never been a victim”

Let’s get personal.Are you married or do you have a boyfriend?
”I have a boyfriend, thanks.”

What’s the worst thing he won’t like you to do?

”He is a very supportive and open minded person. My career needs someone like that so I think I am blessed with him.”

What’s your best Cameroonian meal?

”My best me is errrrrrrrrrrrr I don’t know, really. Sorry.”

What kind of songs do you often listen to?

”I have a diversified interest in music. I listen to all sorts depending on my mood.”

What’s your last word to aspiring models?

”To aspiring models my last word is Believe, Seek Inspiration, believe, believe in yourself. You can make it. Everybody can make it anywhere by the Grace of God. SO, DREAM! BELIEVE! DO!!! Get Inspired!”

It was quite amazing having your on nexdimempire.com
”My pleasure. Take care and remain Blessed.”


Excerpt of Miss Black Europe 2008