December 4, 2023

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West Don (Anjoh Felix) is a Kumba-based Afro groove, soul, afro hip hop artist , producer and CEO of Westox Recordz, Kumba. He was a member of the defunct ‘’Westoxc’  band, featured here on NexDim sometime last year after the release of their debut LP ‘’ Good morning Africa’’.  Raised with a dire interest in emulating Michael Jackson’ s dance moves , West Don got inspired to start penning down his own lyrics .His creativity and ingenuity in music production and singing took him to Nigeria, Gabon and Ghana. Today, he is a solo artist who stands out with a unique style admired by the public. He just dropped a single ‘’AJEBOTA’ currently a first choice song around the South West and North West regions. Pursuing a career without any financial support or assistance, West Don is open to any booking for your parties and shows. NexDim caught up with him at his studio situated 3rd floor, opposite Kumba main market for an interview.



AJEBOTA [audio:]

NexDim: Hey West Don. How are you doing?

 West Don: Am ok. Thank you.

 NexDim: From being a member of WESTOXC to pursuing a solo career. Why did you take that bold step?

 WD : I just believe it was  time for me to split from the group to become a solo artist. In a group everyone has his own kind of philosophy, goal, and inspiration. It’s quite hard to cope when you deal with people with different ideologies and perception about music and life. The group is now defunct and am now a solo artist .I think this has given me a breakthrough.

NexDim: Now, tell us about your nu single ‘’Ajebota ‘’ which his currently hitting the waves.

 WD: Well, Ajebota is a love song about a girl from a wealthy home who pretends not to admire me in my presence but goes around telling her friends am her boy friend . Because of pride, she doesn’t open up to me to declare her admiration for me . In the song , I just keep telling her ‘’If you love me oh, tell me , if u need me , call me. If u want me, take me, anyhow e dey, I dey for your disposal . I  equally appreciate her beauty telling her that, even though I’ve been with other girls, she stands out unique in her style. It’s a true story. The song was programmed by me at WESTOX RECORDZ , recorded and mastered at M1 Studios in Buea.

NexDim : What has been the reaction of the public ?

 WD: Outrageous! The single was released in May 2011 and since then, the public has been crazy about it. It’s a song that carries such power that people fall in love with it , listening for the very first time .I believe they love it because am currently highly solicited for shows  and parties.

 NexDim: Give us a hint about the entire album.

WD: The album am currently working on is a 10-track-album .It talks about love, and contemporary societal ills. In a song titled ‘’Mbenge Bakala’’ , I’m trying to evoke the fact that Cameroonians who go abroad should think of their fatherland. It’s only through coming home that we can develop Cameroon and Africa. I also have gospel song that I give thanks to God for my life . I collaborated with Big G , the ‘’E dey pain me’’ hit-maker on this album.

NexDim : Did you ever imagine , this song was going to attract attention from public ?

 WD;Not in my widest dream. I never knew it‘ll be a hit song. I was just doing music I love and suddenly it was amazing having it always played on radio. My  music is on top request charts on radio above Nigerian songs. It’s just God’s grace.

 NexDim: What is your future plan ?

 WD: To continue promoting the album across Cameroon. I need to conquer Douala and Yaounde. The video is also in the pipe-line.

 NexDim: Are you married ?

 WD:I’m not married and I have no girlfriend. The reason is that our girls don’t understand that to meet with your dreams you need to sacrifice. You know women always need attention. I cannot accord attention now because am concentrating on developing my career.

 NexDim: What’s your advice to others who’ll like to have a hot song like you ?.

 WD: They shouldn’t be over-carried by what they have at the moment. They should keep working hard, be persistent in what they do. Beginners should learn from others who can be of help to them.

 NexDim : ’twas beautiful having you on

 WD: Thank you so much

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