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Bemo Zibemonnia is using her strong and angelic vocals to break through in her bid for the mutzig star winner 2009.She is now at the level of the finals. Bemo Zinnia has been making headline news in Cameroon so far. She missed out traveling to Paris,France with Adele,Mabel and Larry, (BA2M )who were the laureates in the Nescafe African Revelation 2008.According to Bemo,she stayed back to work hard to win the peugot 206 SEDAN ,1 million cash price and the album recording deal which are astake.She won at the preliminary stage in Buea which is an addition credit for her.It should be noted that the Mutzig Caravan is on tour with the 4 finalists all over Cameroon.The tour caravan in Buea saw the performance of other artisteds like Lady PONCE,ACHALLE,and PRINCE AFU AKOM. Vote for Zinnia on .She is an amazing singer.