June 15, 2024

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Football: Indomitable Lions win but …

The Indomitable Lions recently beat the Guinean (Conakry) side 2-1 in Amanvilliers,France. This was during a friendly match that served as preparation for the upcoming AFCON qualifiers. With the absence of frontman Samuel Eto'o, the attack was led by big-boned striker Leonard Kwekeu although all the Lions' 2 goals came from middlefield man Choup Moting. Despite this victory, some pundits are of the opinion that this is no indication of a renaissance. This is because of the administrative problems that persist as seen through the sudden change of the match venue from Metz to the smaller town of Amanvilliers. This change was caused by the refusal of Metz authorities to let their field be used due to opposition from French football and FIFA authorities since they were not notified on time. Whatever the situation, it is our prayer that the Lions qualify with style as they used to.