April 21, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Entertainment: Where passion isn’t enough

Let’s be sincere with each other because although the truth hurts it is indispensable; most of all the down -and- trying as well as the up -and- coming Cameroonian musicians have no idea what music is all about yet they want to stand in front of crowds and entertain. It’s no fault of theirs and they shouldn’t be ashamed of their handicap; we live in a country where not much thought and worth is given to art forms like music so those with music dreams can only count on themselves to get to their destination. But the problem is that music in its present -day configuration needs far more than passion, desire or dreams to be handled brilliantly. Simply put, to be a musician today you must master basics like learning to play an instrument, choosing a style, negotiating  a deal and much more. Even when you can dabble or use  beatmaking  software to produce your own songs, what do you do when you must play live? You cannot be the artist, manager, stylist and more simultaneously. This reality equally concerns filmmakers. The Cameroonian filmmaking “industry” (I don’t think we have an industry yet) is littered with people who have always wanted to be either in front of  or behind the camera. But you cannot make a film just by standing in front of or behind a camera. You need to understand lighting, editing, shots, and more. We have already said we live in a society where the arts aren’t held in high esteem so what must we do?  Although, schools for art aren’t common, people with these aptitudes are. Go close to someone who can play a guitar,piano or something and learn. Or why not go online. They are free videos from which you can learn. But please, if you’ve always dreamt of being a star, don’t think of how passionate you are, rather think of how much learning you are supposed to do because in entertainment passion isn’t enough. It can be if you want to remain mediocre. Hope you disagree. Lol