May 26, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music – When will our musicians become entertainers?

No music industry is an amusement park. You don’t come in when you want to hide from the troubles of everyday life. The music industry is a lion’s den where much is expected of those to whom the least is given; musicians. Yes, this is not fair but that’s the situation. Most of our artists are outright boring. Oh yes,I just said so. At every event ,they give us the same stale performance. You just have to attend one of their concerts or events to see for yourself. Most of them forget that the days when fans came to marvel at the electric guitar or other western instruments are long gone. Today’s fans are emancipated,demanding and want to be wowed if they must spend their hard-earned money. Globalisation and the advent of mass media have made Cameroonian music lovers aware of  the immense worth in the form of singing, dancing and entertainment they can  and are supposed to get from going to watch an artist perform. But apparently,our artists haven’t discovered how brightly they can vanish their brand if they do more than breath words into the micropone and start entertaining when they are on stage. By entertaining we don’t mean gyrations and racy moves. In an attempt to entertain, some Cameroonian artists have resorted to immorality although decent and tasty entertainment is possible. His controversies apart, Petit-Pays is one of the few Cameroonian artists who can be given the entertainer title.When you watch his concerts,you notice there  is choreography, dancing and communion with the concert goers. Even those who do slow-rhythm music like jazz can be entertainers.When they are on stage they can do more than sing. Our artists should remember that when people go to concerts they want something more than singing. If they just wanted to hear artists sing they would stay home and watch a video or play a c.d. Do we agree?