April 21, 2024

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T.V: First edition of Castel Live Comedy

The first edition of  a new comedy show titled “Castel Live Comedy” will soon be aired  on Canal 2 International on May 5 2012. The show is sponsored by beer brand Castel and is intended to promote comedy as an art form in Cameroon. After casting which was done in March, 36 finalists emerged amongst which are old T.V faces like Willy de Paris, Michekan l’Africain and a host of others. The winner, to be announced on July 7,2012, will take home a cash prize of 2 million francs c.f.a and a national tour but would have undergone the criticisms and praises of a no-nonsense jury made up of  veteran comedians like Uncle Otsama, Tchop Tchop  as well as the franc-speaking Suzanne Kalla Lobé. To help the contenders make it through the gruelling ride, established  comedians like Eshu and Valery Ndongo will be there to coach them. The program will be hosted by Donel Jacks’man, equally a comedian trained on a T.V comedy show in France. While lauding this initiative,we must wonder what form this show will take. Is it going to be sketches or stand-up comedy? Finally, someone has noticed how backward we are comedy-wise.