April 23, 2024

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Entertainment: Is STV still “Your T.V.”?

In recent times, no or very few T.V. stations have succeeded in triggering the sort of enthusiasm that STV did trigger. It was touted as the next big time to hit the Cameroonian audio-visual landscape. In its early days of broadcasting, it kind of lived up to the hype with a new perspective, new shows and hosts. Its appeal also lay in its layout. The channel used rather gay colours for its presentation. Back then it was really “Your T.V.” Despite the promising start, true fans can’t quite shrug this funny feeling of disappointment. Over the years, the channel has failed to live up to the mammoth expectations it created. Viewers have generally witnessed a dip in most major compartments of their broadcasting. Some of its flagship shows like the Night Moving Show are no longer there. The concepts that have come in are not as exciting, or should we say unique. Some of their stellar hosts have jumped ship, moving on to rivals. The last in line to perform a disappearing act is Solange Kiki Beyala who announced her move to Equinoxe. Talk of transfer season on T.V. Tito Valery long announced his exit. Don’t get me wrong. STV hasn’t only been a disappointment. It has done its best to add colour to entertainment in Cameroon, take Boom T.V for example. However, the world of entertainment is an unfair one, any slight slump is easily noticed when rivals put in an extra effort. Furthermore, who really is to blame? The hype surrounding their arrival is long gone.