June 14, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Alarmed by the comparison with Daphne, Rinyu reacted on NexDim Empire ;

” Actually my issue with Don ChaeuLe’s statement is with the Word “Replace”. I understand and recognize that he’s trying to appreciate my current progress but I’m sure he could have achieved this without making it seem like “disrespect” to Big Sister’s Works.


When I came into the industry, Daphne’s amazing achievement was the benchmark that inspired and pushed me to work hard. Her work is a testament that an English Speaking female artist can actually rock Francophone Africa to its core with Music. These achievements made me Believe and set goals that are helping me create a similar success story. Mine is still potent work in progress


If today, I’m making a positive impression and some gradual progress, it shouldn’t translate to replacing her or anyone else. Rather, it means I am growing, carving out my own place and shining bright as a star amongst other stars, and we all collectively create a galaxy that illuminates with beautiful bright lights in the night sky. Also, it means our growing industry has added another formidable soldier to its squad. A group of us performing at “A List” level will make a shockwave impression that will resonate and be felt across the continent.


Think about it this way guys, If in a year, 5 female artists in Cameroon are able to individually bring in numbers in 10s of Millions, our Industry will balloon like that of our Neighbor west of us. This will attract the big boys like Spotify, Audiomack, Apple Music, Boomplay, and other foreign investors in entertainment to come in and set up shop here. This is the kind of growth and revolution we dream of and any statement or comment that separates us doesn’t help this cause. #WorkDey


So, Daphne yi place go always Dey and that is a bold FACT


Also, Daphne is my friend and a very nice person. She welcomed me with open arms into the industry and has been supportive.


Thanks Don ChaeuLe for the input, and NexDim Empire for always Sharing and pushing us.