May 26, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

DANCE: Rules of OTANGtik Dance Competition

1) Entries of the #OTANGTIK began on the 18th of August 2020, participants will have to submit their videos to any of the following phone numbers:-
6 73 19 01 10
6 76 00 09 77
6 8139 51 77
6 94 21 88 90

2) All submitted videos will be posted on OTANG’s page by members of the Jury on the 1st of September and voting will immediately start.

3) Fans of dancers will have 2 weeks to vote, through likes, comments, shares and views.

4) The dance videos with the highest likes, comments, shares and views wins, in order of merit, first, second and third positions.

– This competition is open to international participants.The fans decides who wins
through likes, comments and shares.
– Your videos must be clean, with a clean location, clean outfit… If your video isn’t posted then it lacked the above requirements.
– Videos should be at minimum 1min, 30 seconds and maximum 2mins long.

1st = 100K plus ‘paid feature in the official music video shoot”

2nd = 50K plus “paid feature in the official music video shoot”.

3rd = 25k plus “paid feature in the official music video shoot”.