May 19, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Bikutsi- Good rhythm gone sour?

“Bikutsi” is said to mean “Let’s hit the ground”. It is a rhythm  characterised by huge strokes of the guitar. Originally ,it was played using the traditional guitar known as the “mveng” but thanks to pionners like Late Messi martin it was transposed to the modern electric guitar. The name Bikutsi today brings to mind many things. One of such is unfortunately immorlality. Some people consider Bikutsi a good synonym for words like decadence and moral degradation. They say it is a shameful heir to that of Ange Ebogo and Zanzibar. But who is to blame? It is no secret that Bikutsi artists are some of those with the widest appeal and highest of sales. This fact begs one question :can Bikutsi sell without being morally controversial. The most popular bikutsi artists are those whose songs are laced with sexual innuendos. The public is always very quick to criticise but who buys those c.ds. Instead of critising in public and enjoying in private ,the public can express its disapproval by boycotting these artists. Not all bikutsi artists do controversy but most have made it their speciality. If Bikutsi is considered to have gone  sour it is simply because people take the artists to be representative of the rhythm. These two things aren’t interchangeable. The rhythm should not lose its worth because it is used to sing controversy. Jazz can equally be criticised if Jazzmen start using it to sing controversy. Criticise the artists not the rhythm. Feel free to disagree.