June 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

“U make wanna say”: Another Teety Tezano song

  “U make me wanna say” is another release from Teety Tezano whom we recently featured in our columns . If one youtube video is anything to go by then the video for this song is in the making or will be released soon. The youtube video thats pushes one to make this assertion is entitled “Teety Tezano preparatifs clip U make me wanna”. While we love the lady who has been generating much hype recently by featuring alongside side major Cameroonian urban music moguls like Krotal and composing a theme song for an ad we must say this song is rather stale. It lacks a certain “je ne sais quoi” to make it a hit or appeal to a wide if any audience at all. If you must disagree first listen to the song which we have fetched and posted here for you.