March 2, 2024

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Polemic: Liza Tatcher’s “racy” photo saga

Diaspora Cameroonian musician Liza Tatcher recently made headlines for posting some racy photos of herself . The author of the “Mangez la vie ” track triggered a whirlwind of criticism for this move. Some went into theory mode; churning out various theories of whether the artist herself or some hacker had leaked the photos. One can right away see that this incident demands an answer to the questions: do artists or personalities  owe the public an explanation for living in a particular? Is there a dichotomy between public and private life in the internet digital era?  These questions are extremely pertinent because there seems to be some sort of  discrimination between the treatment meted out to Cameroonian and foreign personalities. While some find similar pics of  Kim Kardashian fascinating others find those of our own rather shocking and immoral. Are we thus more comfortable with morally -questionable behaviour when it is exhibited by others and not us. If that is the case then we are hypocritical. Nobody condones indecency or acts verging on worse. Somebody is just asking why the double standards? Is it no longer true that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander? Please spare me the African culture argument. The internet isn’t African but some of us have become addicts. Feel free to think otherwise.