March 2, 2024

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It’s Easter !! Let’s have a keen focus on this amazing Cameroonian gospel sensation,Anita Etta.

Born in Cameroon to dynamic christian parents originating from Bafia (Central Province), Anita spent a great part of her life in England. Before relocating to England in her late teens, she went to Saker Baptist College.

Her first vocal influence was her mom. During her years at Saker, music and daily devotions were an integral part of boarding school life. At home, her parents were strong pastoral influences who laid the foundation for a personal relationship with Christ. Anita’s musical foundation was elevated to new heights in Walsall, England when she sang alto with Re:mission, one of England’s best gospel choirs.

With Re:Mission, she traveled to many cities in the UK and even took part in the BBC’s “Songs of Praise”. Re:Mission boasts 4 albums with a number of nominations and awards for Best British Gospel Music. Anita has since relocated to California, USA where she is now a wife and mother of two. She sings in churches, weddings and other special occasions. In 2006, she was part of the South Hills Church Choir that recorded the album “Madly”. Through the music she writes, she ministers to the broken hearted and brings healing from the pain of suffering. She believes that her anointing is in touching lives by helping create balance and developing the whole person- spirit, body and soul- hence achieving the harmony that God intended for his children.

Her album entitled “I Gotta Testify” is has been officially released. She writes her own songs and testifies about the faithfullness of God in taking his children through the wilderness into a glorious promise. Anita has a somewhat laid back and yet seductive vocal style that will soothe you into a place of hope!

About the album

“I Gotta Testify” is a unique blend of contemporary Christian music laced with African flavors.  This is a record that says much about personal times of struggle and the hope and promise found in the “Unconditional” love of Christ. Her overall message that resonates in most of her songs is God’s ability to bring his children through any situation. The album is moving, eclectic, elegiac and beautiful. It is music stripped back to its essential elements: voice, melody, and meticulously arranged instrumentation.