March 2, 2024

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Alex Song divulges the reason he went blonde

Hmmm ! Arsenal midfielder , Alexandre Song has finally revealed why he changed his hairstyle to blonde. In an interview on Arsenal TV, he explained that since  his wife had noticed too many players with dreadlocks on the pitch , she asked him if he could change. He wasted no time to grant the wish of his childhood sweetie by going all blonde.

‘I was at home and my wife told me you need to change because when I watch the games I see so many players with dreadlocks, you just need to change. And I agreed. That’s why I tried something different.

I like it but I want to go straight back to my dreadlocks because that’s me, the dreadlocks, although right now I just want something different.

I am very happy, it’s good to change, I like to do it but again, I just need to go back to my dreadlocks because that’s me, my personality.’

I feel  the new hairstyle has made him more combative  and offensive than before. He scored last week against Manchester United.