September 20, 2023

Nexdim Empire

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Petit Pays accused of fraud and breach of trust.

A Judicial source confirms that Petit Pays has been declared   ”wanted” by the police after escaping judgement at the  Court of First Instance in Bonanjo. He is accused of fraud and breach of trust. An event promoter is claiming the sum of 40 million Frs CFA . According to him, Rabba Rabbi did not honour invitations for two concerts despite receiving payment.

This is however not the first complaint filed against Petit Pays for fraud.   In April 29, 2009, Patrick  Eugene Mpacko and Alfreci Mbagaza, accused Petit Pays of embezzlement and demanded the sum of 1,210,000 francs CFA from him. The two young guards declared that they have worked with  Petit Pays for two years without getting their full wages of 80 000 francs CFA.