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US- based rapper of Cameroonian descent Scolla just dropped a brand new single titled ” Brothers talk” .

I started working on OG Cool (album) in the fall of 2013 with one of my good friends, Nash B. During that period of time we recorded 30, 40 songs towards what I thought would be the final album. Summer of last year I lost the only harddrive that had the session files/trackouts and bounces for my entire catalog of unreleased music (1200+ songs/production/demos) to that point, (OG Cool included). One of my favorites from those album sessions (and closest to me) is a song called “Brother’s Talk”.

As a child to a foreign family, growing up in the states I grew used to not having a lot of blood family around me. It was always just me and my little brothers. This upbringing conditioned me to value the people closest to me as family and not just friends.

“Brother’s Talk” was a chance for me to hold a conversation with two close homies of mine that have been there as brother’s to me my entire life in their times of need. One friend lost a father and the other lost his way.

I originally intended on placing this on the album but for now this is a just a marker for major moments in time. This is the last bounce I did after I originally recorded the record at my home studio.

Much love to my lil bro Nash B for working with me on the production and the good homie, Myles Stefan for the amazing guitar solo at the end.

This is me, no mix just soul & love. I appreciate you for continuing to grow with me. The way is just a little bit longer. We’re almost there.”

– OG

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Inspired by watching Pam Grier kill it in the 1974 blaxploitation film Foxy Brown (and who hasn’t been inspired or had a crush on Pam?), OG Scolla decided to pay tribute in song form. The result is the smooth-as-fvck single produced by Click N Spark & DrewsThatDude. Look out for Scolla’s OG Cool out soon.


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US based Cameroonian rap sensation Scolla has unveiled a nu single titled ”Peace”. Scolla is always known for his deep lyrical artistry. 
”As we’re nearing closer to the completion of OG Cool (mixing stage) it only felt right that I begin to give you guys some new music more consistently. Take this as an indication of what to expect on the new album and expect many things to come in the near future. Please enjoy and PEACE be with you”. – Scolla
Enjoy !

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Cameroon-American hip hop sensation SCOLLA (formerly Young Scolla) has not rested on his laurels after releasing big hits like ‘Reflection’, ‘Gimme A sign’ and ‘Seconds Away’. The Detroit-based emcee just dropped a new single titled ”Tell me If you down”. The joint was produced by Ric and Thaddeus . He is currently working on an R&B album as well as a new mixtape with celebrity DJ, DJ Ill Will (Manager to Kid Ink)



Tell me if you down[audio:]

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Fred Fungwe a.k.a Young Scolla is a Detroit based emcee we mentioned here with a high definition video ”Gimme a sign”.

He has penned songs like “Stare,” “Round & Round,” & “Decisions” which have really been big for his career. He has performed on the URB Mag’s Next 100 stage at the 2010 SXSW festival , a remarkable moment for him. His debut album ”Seconds Away” has finally dropped and already available on ITUNES:

Scolla shows his versatility and ingenuity on the album with tracks like Reflection, Terrorize, and working with features such as up-coming artists Phil Ade, Rico Law, NAIRA, Skewby, and Young Scolla’s R.L.E.S crew: Huey Mack, Devin Miles, K-Bunz and G.Pitts

To check out more of his music visit: His site, Twitter or Facebook


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Born in South Memphis, Tennessee, Fred Fungwe a.k.a Young Scolla was moved to the Michigan, Highland Park area at the age of six. Born with an early blooming talent, the young Scolla got his start in music appropriately, in elementary school. Blessed with the ability to sing and dance, he added rap to his repertoire in middle school. Since then he has been connected to and seen the birth of over twenty different talented artists and multiple collaborative unions.

Read more:

Scolla has released 3 Projects (Sign Of Greatness, Prelude To Perfection & Escaping Reality). He is now working on his debut album, “Tears & Triumphs”. Hoping for a
October/November release.

Scolla needs YOU, every single Cameroonian and their friends to sign onto his
Facebook page, website, and  purchase his latest single, “If I was with
you” on itunes. Buy two, three, …ten, and distribute to friends and
family. Let’s push Scolla through the clouds, by making his latest single, “The Single of
the Week” on itunes.
His success will be our PRIDE!!

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Give me a sign video:

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