May 25, 2024

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Young Scolla meets SMKA Seconds Away

Fred Fungwe a.k.a Young Scolla is a Detroit based emcee we mentioned here with a high definition video ”Gimme a sign”.

He has penned songs like “Stare,” “Round & Round,” & “Decisions” which have really been big for his career. He has performed on the URB Mag’s Next 100 stage at the 2010 SXSW festival , a remarkable moment for him. His debut album ”Seconds Away” has finally dropped and already available on ITUNES:

Scolla shows his versatility and ingenuity on the album with tracks like Reflection, Terrorize, and working with features such as up-coming artists Phil Ade, Rico Law, NAIRA, Skewby, and Young Scolla’s R.L.E.S crew: Huey Mack, Devin Miles, K-Bunz and G.Pitts

To check out more of his music visit: His site, Twitter or Facebook