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achille“A dong die” laments Cameroonian comedian Fingon Tralala everytime he is in a a bit of a quandary. If he watched yesterday”s friendly between Cameroon and Tanzania, he surely did utter that famous line again.The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon were yesterday thrashed a goal to nil by Tanzania. Far from coming as a surprise, this defeat has to some only re-highlighted the dire situation in which Cameroonian football finds itself as it moves from purgatory to hell.  Accusing fingers are pointed at the coach for going to the AFCON to watch potential rivals play – which he could have done on TV-

instead of preparing for the game while the Team manager Rigobert Song rather concentrated on his commitments with a French TV channel. Yesterday”s game did not only

leave the sore taste of defeat in the mouths  of many,  it also left many questions: why were players like Fabrice Olinga who haven”t played competitively in months fielded, why have rumours of  money overpowering talent as the criteria for selection moved from murmurs  to outcries, are the powers that be reluctant to do something drastic, even if illegal, to change the situation. For some, the main and only question is whether this Tanzania defeat is the end of Akono”s latest escapade with the now easily domitable Indomitable Lions? The game was only a friendly so the defeat shouldn”t be that bad but Cameroonians would like to see this losing streak halted now not later. Most of our regulars were absent but that should not justify complacency and defeat.

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songFootball-wise, this  is a  year worth forgetting for Cameroon. After failing to qualify for any major competition this year, the country”s football family has registered yet another setback. Both Cameroonian nominees for 2012 CAF Awards Alexandre Song in the best  overseas – based player category and Yannick N”Djeng in the best Africa – based player category- failed to walk home with the prizes. F.C. Barcelone”s Alexandre Song came in third behind Didier Drogba and award winner Yaya Toure while Yannick N”Djeng lost out to the award winner in his category Mohammed

Aboutrika. The only consolation is Rigobert Song getting the Legend Award and his nephew Alexandre Song making it into the CAF 2012 best 11.

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The emblematic captain of the Indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song has convened a press conference to hold on Sunday at the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde. During this press conference, he is expected to officially declare the end of his football career.

Merci Magnan!

Rigobert Song Bahanag began his career as a footballer at Red Star Bangu. He then played in the biggest clubs in Cameroon (Tonnerre Kalara Club) , in France (FC Metz RC Lens), Italy (Salernitana), England (Liverpool and West Ham United), Germany (Cologne) and  in Turkey (Galatassaray and Trabzonspor). He is the only African to have played four finals of the FIFA World Cup, seven finals of the CAN (32 games) and two Confederations Cups. Rigobert Song has to his credit, 530 games, and holds the record of selections in the Indomitable Lions (137).

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