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NexDim Star of the Week

Brenda Mengot is a UK based Cameroonian model and CEO of Dery Entertainment. Rumours have proliferated on several media outlets  about her dating English premier league  player, Aaron Lennon. NexDim had much concern about her reputation and the veracity of these rumours . We decided to book her for an up and close interview.

Hello Brenda


How you doing?

I’m okie,Thanks.

Describe yourself to us?

I am down to earth and humble although people who do not know me in person would say I’m proud because of the way I talk or walk but its just something I grew up with. I’m very playful but serious when necessary.

What part of Cameroon do you come from?

I’m mixed . Of very many parts, my dad is from the Southwest(Bayangi) and my mum is Half Bakossi and half Bassa.

When and how did you find yourself modeling?

I started modeling at 14.  I was doing my Secondary school ,  4th year in a photo studio as that was the only place I spent time  for work experience. I didn’t even like being in a photo studio. One day an advertising agent came in there with his models to have a shoot for Nintendo but there was 1 girl missing and they asked me to fill in for her. At first I didn’t want to but I really enjoyed the attention, so I guess that did the trick.

Much has been said about your label.Can you tell us about Dery Entertainment?

Well, Dery Entertainment is an expanding entertainment company that supplies models, dancers and make-up artists. At the moment that’s all we are handling but we aim to get into more talents like actors and artists. I decided to take over as C.E.O and talent manager because I am a model with a lot of experience both good and bad, there are a lot of things happening in the entertainment industry that young girls have to be aware about and that’s where I come in, The team does its very best to guide and lead our talents to the right path.

You are so beautiful. What’s your definition of beauty?

Am a little old school so I would say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has the ability to be beautiful, I don’t mean through surgeries cos that is just the physical appearance. Beauty is an addition of everything that makes up a person: your attitude, approach towards other people, intelligence. And that’s why there is no perfect person.

What is a quintessence of a model and what are the ethics you think a true model should follow?

A model is traditionally meant to represent a product cos that is how the profession came about. But with our society today, little girls look up to such figures as their heroes and they want to be like them. This evolution has made modeling not just a “strike  a pose” affair but also setting an example for the next generation to follow. I think a model needs good morals and educational background just as every other person.

What have you achieved so far as a model?. Any music videos, prints, billboards,magazines or adverts?

I have done a couple of music videos for artists like Sir-B, Material, Kanyba etc. I was cover girl for Continental magazine, and also did adverts for LEVI, EDF Energy, NHS cervical cancer and also fashions shows for a couple of designers. I actually worked with a Cameroonian magazine the last time I was in Cameroon, it was called Akwastar and I was one of the faces of the company.

A general conception is Models are so vulnerable to giving what they have to get what they desire. What’s your take?

This is not just in the modeling industry, it’s in the whole entertainment industry. I have seen it happen a lot of times but it’s not right. No girl has to do anything but work hard and stay focused to get where you want to be. I am an artist and choreographer as well and I remember when I started getting into the industry, I got turned down a couple of times cos I wouldn’t play to the “rules”. I knew I was good and had potential so I never felt like maybe I have to do something extra to be recognised.There are also photographers who would tell you that you should do glamour modeling cos it suits you, and sometimes it’s not what you wanna do….maybe you are interested in fashion and you are fit to do it but the photographer just wants to take pictures of you naked. These are all experiences I had that made me decide to run Dery Entertainments.

Describe the nature of your relationship with other models?

I am very professional in everything I do, so the only time we get to see is at an assignment or industry meeting. It’s a lot of fun hanging out with the other models but most of my closest friends are not models so I prefer hanging out with them instead.

Brenda, We have been a little concerned with rumours circulating of you dating English footballer, AARON LENNON. Can you clarify millions of people across the world. Is the allegation true?

NO! It is definitely not true. Funny enough we are NOT even friends for someone to think that we are dating. We probably have crossed paths a couple of times as I know a few people that play for his team and for the English premier league, but I have never had anything to do with him in person.

Did you feel embarrassed when you Google your name?

Yes, I do! People ask me things on my Facebook and Twitter and I answer them cos I don’t wanna seem stuck-up or rude and the next minute they put it on Google and sometimes even make up stories. I am not an outside world person and I love my privacy, I guess that’s the African part of me.

-Are you a sucker for ”America Next Top model” ? What’s your appraisal.

Honestly, I have never watched one episode of it. Not because it’s not good, but am  more of a film person. Horror, comedy and action TV programs are the only things I watch  on TV.

What do you look ahead for Africa?

A continent that would come out of it’s corruption and let the younger generation implement more organization and equality in our society. The educational system in Africa is a lot higher than some other continents, I know this cos I schooled in Africa as well.That is the only hope I have for Africa.That the next generation of power would develop our continent more and take us out of the too many cultural beliefs we have.

We have young modeling agencies in Cameroon like Freddash models. What do you plan to do in order to help the up and coming Cameroonian models?

I have actually been introduced to Freddash modeling agency and I had a look at their website. It’s really great to see that we have agencies like that in Cameroon. At the moment we have a lot of projects that would be done in Africa: Cameroon and Nigeria. I am more focused on Cameroon. Our team would be in Cameroon for December or early January for auditions for our TV show called  “Last model standing” which would be shot in Cameroon and other places and also aired in Africa, Europe and America. This is one of our biggest projects and we have  a few sponsors  helping out with it. This would be a great way of putting the faces of Cameroon models and the country itself out there.

-What genre of music do you often listen to?

I am into R n B, SlowJamz, Funky house, Bashments (dance hall), Afro beats (Nigerian hip hop) , Coupe Decale and occasionally, Makossa.

-Your favourite Cameroonian meal?

Hmm! I would say Fufu and Eru. I love it!

It was sweet having you on . Hope you have a nice day and best wishes.We also hope to  have updates of your pending projects.

Thank you, it was my pleasure. I would keep you updated with the project.

Brenda Mengot

CEO Dery Ent

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Label: Tia-MacRen

Designers: Tia Malafa, Winnie Macbailey and Reneta Ndisang.

About Tia-MacRen
”It  started on the 20th of March 2010. Initiated by  three girls and friends,Tia, Macbailey and Reneta, who have shared the same ideas in fashion designing. We decided to share these our artistic ideas with the entire world . We are young and so we decided to go for young peoples’ fashion, ranging from 20 to 40 years. We target international markets too”

TIA: Tia has always been and  is still passionate about modeling,which is fundamental to the world of fashion designing. She decided to set the standard for models,through her innate ability in fashion designing.

MACBAILEY: ”After destroying several machine needles in my childhood days, I finally learned how to use a sewing machine.This helped me develop a rare sense of style,which I believe can only be epitomised on fashion designing.”

RENETA: ”Being a very colourful and bubbly person, I have always loved experimenting with colours. And to me,the best milieu to exploit my creativity,is through fashion designing.”

CONTACT Tia-MacRen: (00237)95236298,(00237)77397787 and (00237) 96609411
Emails:, and
Get to us on Facebook: Tia-MacRen

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Netherlands based Cameroonian model, Diana Tambe Blackpearl was apparently present at the +237 Elegance Party in Rhone Congress and Party Center (Rhôneweg 14, 1043 AH Amsterdam, the Netherlands). She actually put up a  glamorous and dazzling runway/ catwalk show. She ostentatiously displayed a collection of clothes designed by Anne James. It was simply stunning! .The +237 Elegance Party was conceptualised by Elvis Ngah and Tazeh Tsamoh.

Photos courtesy of Dave Dean.

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The official crowning of Miss Africa Texas pageant takes place on October 16th 2010 and Cameroon is fully represented. NexDim caught up with one of the final contestants, Verlene Forbia often called Lady V for an exclusive interview about her life and experiences during this pageant journey. She is an ideal personality and has a peculiar approach to life. Let’s meet her!

Hello Lady V


What part of Cameroon do you come from?

I’m from the Northwest province, from Ngo-ketunja Division ( Ndop).

Briefly describe yourself to us.

I’m a person full of smiles and love to put smile on people’s faces, due to my humble nature and jovial personality. I am quick to learn and accept constructive criticism.I don’t fantasize a lot but i have big dreams ( goals ). Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil.This is the bible verse that strengthens me.The best thing that ever happened to my live, was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.

We learned you are a Miss Africa Texas contestant.What inspired you to file in your candidature for Miss Africa Texas?

Yes, I am a contestant finalist. My loved ones around me, family, friends, teachers and even strangers have been of great inspiration to me.They always ask me if I was a model because they thought I looked like one. Special thanks goes to Nelson who encouraged me a lot to participate in the pageant.

Were you nervous before the auditions?

Nervous is an understatement Lol

What is remarkable about the contest?

The remarkable part of the pageant is amazing. You see how young beautiful women with brains come out of their nut-shell and display publicly, representing the beautiful countries of Africa.

The crowning of the Miss is approaching definitely on 16th October.Are you the next African queen?

Yes. I was crowned Queen ever since I gave my life to Christ.

What’s your definition of beauty?

Beauty is sanity. I will not describe beauty from the physical because I believe that everyone has that aspect ” We are beautiful and wonderfully made” by God. But this outer beauty is not complete without the inner personality, which comprises respect, humility, gentleness,kindness and above all love for one another.With this package, beauty becomes beautiful!

How do you cope with school and your modeling career?

It is not an easy task, trying to tackle both things at a time; school and modeling. Sometimes I find myself so exhausted that I just want to give up on one and concentrate on the other. Being an optimist, I still hang on to both.

Would you like to take this bold step the whole of your life?

Well, come to figure it out, models in fashion and hot in the market have an age limit.The older you grow, the less competent you become in some areas in physical modeling, especially if you intend to make a family of our own. Well I know one thing for a fact, I will always be a role model for my family, friends and to the nation in every aspect of my life through God that strengthens me.About Education, it is an everyday process because knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is power.Even the oldest man with grey hair on his dying bed still has something new to learn, which is ; Learning to cope with or adapt to the fact that he will die. And even when he dies, education still continues, so will I continue to learn from the people around me.

Tell us about the negative aspects you’ve discovered as a model?

The negative aspect in modeling is that there is always a mis-judgement of identity. You might even end up losing important personalities in your life when you become a fashion show model because some people have a negative connotation about modeling. They forget that modeling is a career and not a personality. Being on stage and being around people is completely two different displays. Modeling is different from pageants. Modeling is more of advertizement, while pageant is about “beauty with a purpose”.

What’s your relationship with other Cameroonian contestants. Cordial?

Very cordial relationship not only with my fellow Cameroonian contestants but also with all the other contestants.

If you become amazingly rich, what will you do with your money?

God blesses his children according to his riches in glory. If i become amazingly rich however in the future, it is definitely for a purpose.That means i have a huge assignment to take care of. Nothing is as great as education on earth, and i will do anything to support those who are willing but not able to get the sound quality education they need.Working hand in hand with the ministry of education to help lower school fees and prices of text books, will be good. Better still, helping more orphans and the helpless to get free education is best.

Are you married?


What’s the worst thing you won’t like your partner to do?

Lies telling

What genre of music do you often listen to?

Gospel jams and any kind of music that appeals to me emotionally.

What is that you like or hate about Facebook?

Facebook keeps me and formal school maids and family in contact. It helps us follow each other daily activities. I have never been a Facebook fan till 4 months ago when I joined it. The negative part of it is that you might get addicted to

Say your last inspirational words to the world.

Hold on to your dreams and goals, never give up on them, no matter what it takes. Nothing good comes easy, take heart and be  strong.

It was nice having you on

Thank you NexDim and you have a great one. God bless.

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NexDim caught up with this flawless beauty for an up-close and personal interview. What actually swept me off my feet was her eloquence and aura. She was talking in real ”pimped” language. She is called Joyce Thellma Mbassa, Miss Littoral 2010 and more to her credit.

Hello, Joyce.


How are you?

Am doing good.Thank you.

Can you briefly introduce yourself .

Yeah, My names are Mbassa Joyce Thellma Amah.  I’m 23, a student at the university of Buea in my final year studying Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Management. My hobbies-swimming, dancing and Modelling of course!


Like Jamaicans say ; What part a Cameroon yuh come from?

Well, I have a kind of mixed culture. My dad is from the Littoral region and my mum from North-west region but since it’s custom to take daddy’s side, I’ll say am from the Littoral region of Cameroon… Perfectly Bilingual from Birth!!

Can you describe your journey to become a model?

My journey to become a model…Well,when I was a kid, I used to be very calm and quiet but I loved attention, I always made sure people look at me at significant moments. I always used to cry not all the time like most kids do but just when I was hungry or willing to ease my self or sick…growing up, I was always very careful when I walked through the house to make sure nothing drops or stains my dress… a teenager, I used to be the smallest of the group but the one with the loudest voice…after teen, I am the listening ear, the shoulder to lean on and the helping hand to all my friends. Of course I got my own limitations like being authoritative, a lil shy, quick tempered and others…Back in primary and secondary school, on the 11th February  and 20th May match passes, I was always given either the flag or the school board to hold…I always did playbacks, commonly called “staging” on cultural weeks either alone or as a group of which I was always the lead dancer n singer…academically, I was very competitive and always strove for one of the best positions in class…You realize I was a MODEL at each stage. Now as becoming a model like runway and Billboard adverts, it all began with Miss competitions.

What was your drive , what actually inspired you?

My drive and inspiration, I cant really tell. All I know is, I have always loved watching modeling programs over TV, had many fashion magazines and I always dreamt of becoming like one of those bling girls. But, Eva Longoria Parker inspires me big time! She’s just so ”oofff”  in all she does!

Is this something you want to do for life ?

Yes! Absolutely… I will like to do this for life but alongside pursuing my studies and working in a good biz firm coz you know Modeling is not really encouraged in our Cameroon society. You cant depend solely on it here to make a living unless u travel out and me, i’ll like to live in my country so it may just remain alongside…but life reserves alot of surprises,if i happen to “fallbush”, the story might change.

What have you achieved so far as a model?

Hey… I’m still growing in the modeling world. hmm!  So far, Miss BINAM 2008, 1st runner up Miss Dynasty 2009, A Western Union Advert Bill Board contract for a year in 2009, Miss Littoral Lux 2010, Miss Beach 2010, and some pending contracts like Forever Living Products and Seme Beach Hotel Adverts…But my greatest achievement in all, is the acquisition of self confidence, respect of self and of others, alot of social maturity.

Tell us about Fredash Modeling Agency of which we know you are part.

Yep! Freddash Modeling Agency. It’s a young agency,with a bright future made up of great models both boys and girls! I have the honour to be among the 1st models in this great agency.We carry on our activities in a friendly and respectful environment.The CEO (Mr.Nemfor Alfred) and his team give us the necessary guides and advice on the field, photo-shoot  sessions are organized when necessary to keep us awake! The agency presents its models every month to varrying industries for advert propositions…I’ts good in there! Together,we all stand and we win!

What is your definition of beauty?

My definition  of Beauty…”Its the manifestation of the inner qualities of a person presented in a pleasing and attractive physical body”. Haha. Hope it’s clear!

Models are always known as ”people who give what they have to earn what they desire” . Are you a victim?

Oh! Yeah! Absolutely! “Models give what they have to earn what they desire”…They give a chance to the public to be aware of designers dresses and accessories,they guide people in their choice of shopping,they help promote business and present employment opportunities by advertising companies,they offer entertainment when they are on the runway…They desire to see people happy in the choices they make while they earn their living in a respectful way…So, am I Victim? NO! I am a Model.

That was a witty effort to escape the connotation of my question. Lol.

What do you think about the modeling industry in Cameroon.

It’s so low, the modeling industry in Cameroon. I’m just praying that one day, modeling will take a higher dimension in Cameroon because it pains me when I see foreigners on Billboards advertising Cameroon based Products when we are out here!!! Well,with agencies like Freddash Modeling Agency and others,it is promising!

Tell us about your first audition.Were you nervous?

Oh yeah… I am always nervous in all my auditions you know… It’s a feeling I cant take away but I try as much to hide it, I keep calm, drink some water and I keep on murmuring to myself “Joyce, all will be fine”…and it works!

Like magic I guess. Lol.

I learned you are a student , how do you cope with your modeling career and academics?

The Bible says “There is time for everything” I just try as much to give modeling its time and school its own…When there is a clash, I decide which is more important and urgent at that time and I carry on. One good thing is modeling sessions are nearly always on weekends and holidays! so it’s good for me!

Do you often watch America’s Next Top model? What’s your appraisal?

Oh yeah! America’s Next Top Model…I like it! It’s fun,it’s full of suspense, it reveals the girls’ real characters and their urge to win. It’s interesting and inspiring!!! It defines a model…though sometimes, my favorite is not theirs!

What african dish is your secret passion?

Miam miam…I like food! U are asking me to reveal my secret passion…It wount be secret anymore…Ok, I got 3…Ekwang,Ndole with miondo and water fufu with eru… Please don’t ask me to choose!

You may definitely like  Koki Corn or  Kwankalang. Lol. You surely have all Cameroonian dishes as your best.

What is your favourite genre of music?

I like music… all types but my favorite is particularly Old French Blues…It’s so relaxing.

What is your advice to Cameroonians who are passionate about modeling?

Bros’ and sis’ of Camer…If you are passionate about modeling, it’s good.We have some few agencies around now so get yourself into one and carry on your dream…It’s not easy though,just make sure you work hard and keep your dignity intact.It’s important.

Thanks for your time and Nexdim wishes you the best in your career.

Thank you Nexdim…It was my pleasure.I had a great time.

Do you have any last word to users?

One last word to users ? ” If you fail to check this website in any week, you must have missed some good things for that week…so you know what to do…Stay Blessed.

Joyce Thellma.

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The Queen of Miss USA Africa 2010 will be Crowned July 24th 2010 at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park,MD.

1,2,3,4 Cameroonians are finalists of the Miss Africa USA pageant.

Cast your votes!!

I’m already going for Miracle Ruth Edison. Don’t know about you.

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Miss Supranational Cameroon: La Miss falsifie sa toiseThe Sama Ndango Show and Miss Supranational is an inspirational, educative and entertainment reality TV show conceptualised by Mora Moda Limited, a talent agency based in Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The Cameroon edition of the show started in June 2010. Estelle Crescence Essame who reached the pinnacle out of the 16 contestants on Thursday the 24th was disqualified losing her crown of Miss  Supranational Cameroon to the benefit of Johanna Lois Medjo Akamba, her first runner-up. Estelle Crescence was disqualified for inconsistency. According to Sylva Ebelle d’Isango, a communication agent  of Miss Supranational,  she indicated her height upon registration as 1 m71 which was evidenced in her National Identity Card. When the World Beauty Association (WBA) contacted them for the formal certificates of the winner of Miss Supranational Cameroon to be sent, it was discovered at the police station that she was 1m 67. She was disqualified thus missing her chance of representing Cameroon at that international finals in Poland this August.

The WBA requires that candidates for the crown of Miss World International Supranational have the height of at least 1m70. On this basis, Estelle Crescence Essame could only lose her crown to Johanna Lois Medjo Akamba who is 1m 80.

Johanna is  a holder of Baccalaureate  series D, a third-year student in economics and management at the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC).

Other results;

1ère dauphine?: Denise Prisca Boufang Simo
2ème dauphine?: Dalil Zeinam
3ème dauphine?: Marie Françoise Omengue Noah


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NexDim interviewed Fredash , a beauty photographer and CEO of Fredash Modeling Agency.

Hello. How are you.

I’m fine. Thank you.

”Fredash” . What are your real names

I’m called Nemfor Alfred.

When did you start professional photography?

”I started professional photography in 2003. I had always admired the art of photography and creativity.”

Tell us about your baby , Fredash modeling agency.

”Freddashmodels is a modeling agency founded in 2009 with just 5 models in its books. We are a still growing agency which from every indication will grow up to become the largest and most successful modeling agency in Cameroon, Africa and one of the top and most valued in the world.

Describe your journey to becoming  the  proprietor of a modeling agency.

” I indulged into modeling in 2007, I was a model my self, I went in for competitions all over the nation. I also worked with other groups of people who  trained models. I came to realize that we have lots of talents and beauty here in Cameroon and we have very few modeling agencies. So I decided start up  a professional modeling agency

What categories of models do you deal with?

”Freddashmodels operates  3 divisions namely the Female models, Male Models and teen models. Our models are trained to do adverts, parades, prints, and other commercials.”

What makes your agency special?

”We have a flawless and responsible attitude towards our models. Our company is determined to nurture and develop their long-term careers whilst ensuring that they do not run before they can walk. We treat all models as individuals and put their care, safety and happiness above everything. A model’s well-being is our unconditional interest.”

How many models do you have in your agency so far?

For now we have over 18 fully registered models.

How can you measure your success so far?

We sent in 6 of our models for Miss Cameroon regional finals and 3 made it to the national finals in Yaounde last April. We also went in for Miss BEACH competition that took place at SEME BEACH HOTEL and won the 1st and 2nd prize.

We had echoes of the Fredash VIP Show at Chariot hotel. How did it go?

”Yea. We had a V I P fashion show at Chariot Hotel on May 29th, it was very successful with 3 designers, about 5 artists and many more. We also had representatives from Marken Erickson from Douala and from many other companies.”

Have you been in contact or have you been collaborating with other modeling agencies in Cameroon?

”Yes. We have been in contact with other modeling agencies home and abroad and we intend to work in close collaboration with these agencies.”

It’s sometimes difficult dealing with females. How do you deal with your female models.

[laughs] Yea definitely. Sometimes it’s very hard to work with females. It’s just a matter of understanding  them and let them understand you. With that all will be fine.

Do their parents approve ?

I have talked to some of their parents and they are quite aware of it. Some of the parents came for our last show.

What are your future prospects?

”Our aim is to capture the advertising market in Cameroon and West Africa, be on Billboards, TV Commercial and many more.”

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate this opportunity.

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Nea Marshall Kudi was born on March 20, 1984, better known as BeBe Zahara Benet, is a former male model, a drag queen from Cameroon, a 2009 OUT 100 Nominee, and winner of the title of  “America’s Next Drag Superstar” from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season.

Benet was a male model in Paris when he was asked to put on a dress to walk the runway as a female. This was Benet’s first experience with drag.[4] Benet describes his drag persona Bebe as, “a strong and beautiful character illusion created for entertainment and the artistic expression of the feminine.” BeBe recently signed with Shakir Entertainment management.

Benet’s first dance single, “I’m the Sh*t” was released on November 16, 2009.[5] The single has been remixed by such notable remixers as Felix Baumgartner, Ralphi Rosario and Mark Picchiotti.

Benet’s first dance single, “I’m the Sh*t” was released on November 16, 2009.The single has been remixed by such notable remixers as Felix Baumgartner, Ralphi Rosario and Mark Picchiotti.

Benet won the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on Logo’s popular reality series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which premiered on the network in February 2009. Benet’s prizes included l.a. eyeworks print ads, $20,000 from Absolut and MAC cosmetics, a fashion spread in Paper magazine, and a spot on the national Absolut Pride tour

Benet currently resides in New York City. Upon moving to the United States from France, BeBe found herself in Minneapolis to be closer to family.

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Mario Epanya

Mario Epanya

Mario Robert Epanya
is  a talented beauty photographer and founder of AFRICA VOGUE . He was born on 29th July 1975 in Douala, Cameroon. He  grew up with an architect and aesthete father and a good looking mother (model looking) who loves fashion and magazines, ”my parents like fashion and art”.

He arrived Paris in 2000.His penchance for figurative painting gets him into the fashion industry. In 2005 he started collaborating with a French brand Jacques Dessange and Camille Albane as trainer,studio hair and make-up artist. He became a photographer in 2008. Mario is now based in Paris.

Interviewed by dredecarlo, he describes his journey to becoming a renown photographer and some of his exploits in the industry.

” it’s long, it was not easy for me when I arrived in 2000 in Paris, I didn’t know anyone and had to fight to survive, but I’m tough, thank god, and I never stopped working and improving, constantly, even now. I never took anything for granted and always asking myself if my work reflects my personality …  How I made it, I personally think it’s all about WORK, 20 hours per day, seven days per week, there’s no secret you know.”

For those oblivious as to who you are or how great your work is, drop some names and some of the majors achievements in your career.
Honestly don’t like to drop names, because personally, I’ve worked with very unknown creative people, and learned a lot from them, and I don’t think that you have to be famous to be creative or talented. But as a make-up artist, I worked with Denzel Washington, I like this man,very smart and spiritual, I really admire him after spending some days with him.
Majors achievements….honey, I’m 34 years old, there’s a lot to do(laughs) …trust me, I never look back ..what I did yesterday belong to the past and I just try to make it better tomorrow.

Africa is known for its striking beauties (e.g. Iman, Kiara Kabukuru, Liya Kebede, Katoucha Niane, Alek Wek etc. etc.), yet it’s hard to make it as a black model, no matter where you’re from. How would you say African VOGUE has impacted on the fashion world?

Gosh, well to make this clear, Africa Vogue is a project for now and I’m doing my best to make this happen (try to convince Condé Nast for a license and investors ..very tough…) but I think it’s an everyday fight, we must fight to have our own space, I’m just trying to contribute to that, it will be a huge success if this African edition sees the light in the future.. :D

How did you feel when you were called upon for this project? (African VOGUE) [this question is to help people understand the misconstrued comments about Epanya’s role in African VOGUE]
I WAS NOT CALLED IN THIS PROJECT…… IT’S MY PROJECT, VOGUE AFRICA IS MY BABY…I grew up looking at my mother’s magazines with all these blonde blue eyed beauties, I used to cut my mother’s photos and glue them on the models faces, because I thought she was stunning and dazzling enough to be in those magazines, so I said that when I grow up, I’ll  have a magazine with a lot of women of colour, that’s it.
What does African VOGUE mean to you, on a personal level?
What is your advice for up-coming fashion professionals (especially photographers and make-up artists).
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is for me something cultural, it reveals the evolution of mentalities and the research of new fabric, materials, and also bring a touch of dreams to this cruel world.
What does fashion in Africa mean to you?
RICH, luxurious, diversity, brilliant, creative, and so much more ….I think having an edition of Vogue Africa will bring into the light, THE AFRICAN CREATIVITY,the world will be amazed by it …trust me.
And what does Africa mean to you?


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