March 5, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Fashion Label: TIA-MACREN

Label: Tia-MacRen

Designers: Tia Malafa, Winnie Macbailey and Reneta Ndisang.

About Tia-MacRen
”It  started on the 20th of March 2010. Initiated by  three girls and friends,Tia, Macbailey and Reneta, who have shared the same ideas in fashion designing. We decided to share these our artistic ideas with the entire world . We are young and so we decided to go for young peoples’ fashion, ranging from 20 to 40 years. We target international markets too”

TIA: Tia has always been and  is still passionate about modeling,which is fundamental to the world of fashion designing. She decided to set the standard for models,through her innate ability in fashion designing.

MACBAILEY: ”After destroying several machine needles in my childhood days, I finally learned how to use a sewing machine.This helped me develop a rare sense of style,which I believe can only be epitomised on fashion designing.”

RENETA: ”Being a very colourful and bubbly person, I have always loved experimenting with colours. And to me,the best milieu to exploit my creativity,is through fashion designing.”

CONTACT Tia-MacRen: (00237)95236298,(00237)77397787 and (00237) 96609411
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